Can you get to high lvl in 1-2 days still? :)

Can you get to high lvl in 1-2 days still? :slight_smile:

We are some mates who wants to give the game a chance again after release.
We are pretty hardcore. and don’t want to play if you can hit close to max lvl in no time.
So can someone tell me if its still easy to lvl up?

Yes. You can hit 30 first day pretty easily, and from there it slows a bit, but guessing max level should take a week or less if you focus on it. I think some can do it in 2 days or so.

The path is using Journey steps now, they give the most xp.

Sad face :frowning:

I am a solo player, and once I hit 30 I tend to slack off a bit, so I have not tried to power to 60. Even so, it takes me about a week, so I am imagining that with a group and focused on leveling, you can do much faster. I have heard 2 days from others and I can believe it.

Main difference is it is no longer POI that levels you up quick but the Journey ‘quests’.

even faster now

Its all about journey unless the day one patch adjusts that too. I tested on solo and x.8 times and it appeared if you complete all the journeys you would be 60, but you have to figure doing other things to complete the journeys would increase your xp as well, so i would say yes if you went total grind hardcore. Couldnt complete the journeys because some items and things didnt work, such as warpaint. I would say easily grinding 3-4 days tops. Casual maybe a week

6 hours. It’s easy, there are comrades who make it faster.

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Dang, you guys are making me look like I’m not even playing lol. I’ve been mining stone and wood all week and building my base, and I’m maybe level 15 or somewhere around there lol.

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A lot depends on the server settings. The officials will only have 1x everything so it may take longer than those playing on private servers with increases to xp and gathering rates. Hardcore playing for about 8 hours I get to around level 20 with 1x,

Quickest way to level is to find the Discovery locations. I must warn you that most are NPC camps that are out for your blood.

If you’re worried about level caps, there are mods that raise the max to 100 or higher for co-op or private servers. But raising the level cap would take a lot of the fun out of killing world bosses and other things that are pretty much relegated to end game. There is an actual end game now, where you CAN beat the game, and not just build/play endlessly, as well as NPC purges that will wreck your base and give you entertainment.

Bare in mind, just because you have reached lv60 isn’t the end of the game. Far from it. Lv60 is where the game starts. I’m cofident that you and your mates will get weeks-months of game play before you want to put it down.

You are level 15 precisely because you are farming mats and building a little sandstone base that you don’t actually need, and will never go back to once you level. If you want to level, you need to start exploring the map, picking up points of interest, and doing journey quests. Look for a permanent base location closer to the resources you will need for Tier III construction. When you hit somewhere between 40 and 55th level, settle down and start making Tier III building pieces, and you will finish leveling fast. Good luck in the Conan World. :slight_smile:

lies, best way to level is steel and journey tasks yo!

every experts know journey is the best way

I understand what you’re saying, and you’re absolutely right. But I’m more of a role player. I like playing “Robinson Crusoe” and piddling around.

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Two guys did lvl 55 just 2 hours after the servers went on. This is normal for a survival game made by ■■■■■■ I suppose. No more words.

All poi and journey 55 in like 4 hours

Poi scales up still