Fastest way to level up

Would anyone like to know? Because there is one. Very. Fast. Way


It’s not an exploit. It’s farming xp. Takes some time but it’s the fastest and easiest way I found. Useful for pvp servers.

. Kill rock noses. Use a double handed sword. Can even kill them with a two handed stone sword. Keep doing over and over again. I tried and tested. Least amount of time to level up.
There is an abundance of rock noses on the desert.
The largest amount I found in one area was going from fleshtearer falls through the desert towards the summoning place. Its a straight line. But on the way on both sides, all over the rocks, go have a look, its all full of rock noses.


Are you asking, or are you offering this wisdom? I can’t tell from the wording. If you’re looking for a way to level up, follow the journey steps early game

Some new xp glitch?

Indeed, but my hope is the OP will not share it here. I’m giving you a like on good faith, @RaspyOstrich98. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you really want the game to be better, report it to exploits.
I know a way with multiple things. But mosly it is due to the 4x EXP ion PVP.


Unlike @Shadoza, I don’t stop to smell the roses anymore. When I create a character on a new server, I concentrate on reaching level 60 before I can relax and come up with interesting stuff to do.

Even with my “gotta get to 60 fast” attitude, I don’t understand why anyone would want to brag about leveling through a glitch on the forums, instead of reporting the glitch quietly. :man_shrugging:


Create tons of t3 pieces has been the fastest way to lvl 60 that i’ve experienced, it takes a while though

Most that power level are on pvp officials. The 4x experience modifies what the norm was supposed to be. But nerfing XP would hurt the 1x servers. ON PVP, it is essential to get to level 60 to try and get as level a playing field as possible. But if there is a “trick” beyond using basic exp gain that is in the game, then it is an exploit, or a bug with one of the exp gains of certain items, as has happened before with certain craft-ables, where the exp was far more than what should have been for the cheap mats needed.

TBH, the leveling up in CE is generic. I wish the game would just let you be level 60, and balance all regions beasts to be as equal as possible. The recipes should be the part we are getting through our journey as a “new” exile. killing a boss with an iron sword is extremely harder than with a legendary. Farming with stone v star metal would still be different. Thus, one would still need to journey to learn the higher tiered recipes. Plus, on PVP it would bring the ability for players to feel like they have a fighting chance. On PVE, it would allow for the player to focus on the farming and building, and exploring for all the recipes.

I am offering, but its fun to… Entice first.

It’s not a glitch. It’s legitimate way. Takes some grinding but it’s the fastest way I found. What’s wrong with there being a fastest way. Nothing. There’s plenty others have come up with. If this is not what you’re looking for at least you know what I found to be the fastest way

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Its not an exploit, its a legitimate way, but its the fastest way I found compared everything else anyone has found yet.

No not a glitch. Just the fastest and easiest way I currently know of

I usually run all the POI then head torward the bugged king rino that attacks backward in the mitra oasis. And if I get bored then I go to the underground cemetery in the wine cellar. Also good to ambush other players and steal their stuff. If i’m on a server with you, most probably I’m at the entrance of wine cellar waiting to make some free gear after leveling.

It’s OK, even if it is shared. It’s a grind but it’s legit

he only has a stone sword though :slight_smile:

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that guys is actually on point. killing rocknoses starting bat tower , crocodiles in oasis up to savanah, gives a good amount of exp even in late 50s. it’s another proof that: the coder, dev, cheerleader or what ever the heck you want to call those who were clearly overpaid to do nothing… should have been fired and replaced by more dedicated and competent employees.
{edit} to spit on the troll flag army] its not a glitch it is how it is.

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I’m starting to think it’s not a glitch, it’s a legitimate way.


Me, I´m a little confused now… is it not a glitch or is it not an exploit, but perhaps a legitimate way :grin:
This is sooo confusing!!! :joy:

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they kind of asked for it.
3 years in beta testing and nothing is working as intended.

That’s what you’re led to think