Fastest way to level up

It’s legitimate, a grind, but the fastest grind I found

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sry, m8, I was just joking…

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I know lol

Yeh because everyone has to be told since they don’t read. Don’t need lies spread about a glitch when there isn’t one

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I ran to that area 2 days ago for a quick key. It actually attacked. Maybe was fixed???

Now that’s what I call exploiting a mechanic because they have no time to react when exiting and cannot see you before it is too late - I’m sorry but using a teleport to wait and kill people probably should be a priority to fix by giving them some sort of immortality for a short while.

As someone who started from the beginning at level 1 5 times. Oddly its getting somone to give me a kiln. But anything will work. Skip sandstone and tier 2 buildings and get right into tier 3. Once you hit the level in which you can make tier 3.

Just build your way to level 60.

That being said. It cheapens the game. So I would suggest playing the game.

I always play with mods and modded exp/harvest, but the best I’ve found is dragonpowder and explosive arrows, they give insane exp. Last night, I went from 225 to 300 on dragonpowder alone in about 5 minutes. (not counting the time to collect resources & make steelfire, of course)

The way the guys on my server did it is once you can build T3, they go get a bunch of black ice and then spam build those. The T3 foundations give a lot of xp and its a cheap resource to obtain as opposed to the hardened brick.

They also spam making explosives and bombs which give a ton of xp as well.

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This is the way.

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The straightforward way uses lots of mats to fix durability hits, especially on rocknose. If blue eyes scare you, then… oh well… run.

Considering the amount of time and resources it would take to even get to the north, then make t3. Killing rock noses is still faster.
Of we both started the game at the same time and did the 2 different methods I can almost guarantee I’d reach lvl 60 faster just kill grinding the things.

But you see it still takes a lot of time, plus resources. Here you can even start off with a two handed stone sword. Try it, you’ll see the amount of xp you get.

Did it do “real” damage?

Yes. And it seemed it took damage closer to what it used to. Before, i could run up to it, and with shark bite at level 30 STR, kill it pretty quickly. Now it takes some time to do it.


That’s not what I’m saying, the question was “did it do real damage to you”?

Yes. I stated it did damage like other bosses. So yes. I took damage and was thrown when it charged me.

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Finally, gg thanks for the infos.

What other kind of damage could be? Like, he can do something like sentimental dmg or hurt your feelings in some way?

he was asking if it did “real” damage. like 1/3 to 1/2 health bar.