Is the vanir expa good for levelling toons?

I heard people say quite a while ago, that the vanir expansion was great for levelling. Is that actually true? Trying to level a toon to 80 ASAP hence why I’m asking

Yes it’s true.

The expansion levels to whatever your level is starting at 20 and going up to 80.

The expansion consists of 4 maps two of which are taken from the Conall’s Valley zone; the village, the plain where you gather arrows at, a Vanir camp and a big area where the fort’s at.

Of those farming the plain and camp seem to work the best. Clear the map, go back to the start point and log off. When you log back on all MOB’s are back at whatever level you’re currently at. In the camp the MOB’s are all in a smallish area so not much running around, on the plain’s they’re spread out a bit more just like on the normal map, but it’s still not bad.

One thing to remember is once you’ve moved from one map to the next you can’t get back to that previous map until you start the whole quest chain over again and it doesn’t seem to let you abandon the chain part way.

But I guess since you’re goal is leveling, clearing all 4 maps and then starting over would be the best way for you. I use it for getting my daily challenges and even with just doing that it turns a nice xp return.

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