Black castle: trying to form a party

me and my 2 nub friends are now lv29-31.
tried to do black castle today, but got destroyed by the first enemy we attacked.

no point in trying to kite or cc this guy, he just punched us into jello salad in 2 seconds with full heals running.

so i’m wondering, do we need 6 players to do this?
is lv31 too low, should we wait until we’re 34?
do we need really good gear?
what would we gain by doing this?
is it realistic that we get a full party?

we’re on the fury server, and i didn’t see anyone else besides us when doing quests in the desert.
although i did get some ‘enemies killed’ messages in my chat while we were idling, dunno if it was another player or just the game.
people tell us to spam global but we don’t have it, only nph

On Fury it will be very hard to do, the server got a low population and most people only do PvP.

That said, on Crom it might be possible to do this dungeon on lower levels since there are some people who do it for the purist achievement. Normally you can do this dungeon only with 4 people because there is a trap that requires that many people. The enemies there hit harder since they are group mobs so you will need at least a tank and a healer, doing it with 3 assassins or demos wont be possible in most cases because the enemies simply do too much damage.
The gear there is obvioulsy better than the one you get fron quests so it helps when leveling a lot, also there are many quests that give lots of additional EXP when completed.

As for the global chat: its only available if you had premium at least once or bought something in the item shop. If you got someone with that chat available in your group you can ask him or her to post your message in global chat to reach more people with it.

that much difference between fury and crom, huh.
i guess we could move, but i’m not sure if i’m ready to give up that ‘danger zone-feeling’ people being able to attack me, you know :smirk:

althought there are zero people attacking me out in this desert rn :joy:

maybe it’ll get better with the saga merge?
or is that only going to be max decked out players?

in 2 days, a lot of folks get their toons moved from Saga to Fury. Maybe you gonna find some people, who decide to create further toons on fury to play with.

i’m just thinking they’ll be lv80s drinking coffee in some huge city all day waiting for raids/capture the flag :expressionless:

hopefully we get some more low level peeps.
at least gonna need that 1 guy for the trap in the castle :joy:

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