After Saga of Blood

So, I’m just super curious how many are actually going to stick around and play on Fury once everything has been merged and how many will transfer back to Crom.

Let me know! Haven’t made any decisions on what to do with my characters as of yet.

For those of you that are going to stay on Fury and play it what are your intentions?

  • Premades
  • 6 Mans
  • Raids
  • Open World Ganking
  • Sieges
  • or simply minis

Again let me know.

Fury it is!
Open world fights, sieges and prolly some premades if tournament goes well.

Crom with no open world and minis gone lame no thnx. Ill keep a char or 2 there for rf tho

I’ll leave my toon on Fury, cause I already got all 12 on Crom with full AA and gear… But I won’t play on Fury as the server is dead.

I’ll leave it on fury, especially because the pvp and mini games on Crom are absolutely awful.

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I definitely want to create a community schedule. To incorporate rf, raids, and rp lounges for those who are a fan of it.

Premades should sort itself now that we have a tourney in the works

I plan to do nothing for a few weeks and see what the Fury pop looks like. If the pop is good, I will leave my Saga toon there AND pay to move my main PvP toon back to Fury. If Fury remains “dead”, then I will probably x-fer my Saga to Crom.

I have high hopes for Fury.

Staying in fury ofc (i didnt play on saga, just waiting for fury to be alive again :slight_smile: )

I think there will be a core group that remain on fury for the PvP. Crom minigames are actually horrible, and because that’s the only PvP on the whole server, it’s a no-go for many of us.

I’m planning on sticking around Fury for the open world PvP and minigames. Hopefully we’ll get some pub raids going. Will be fun progressing through the raid content without full sets of t6 PvE gear.

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I had planned on deleting and rolling on Crom, but I decided to stay on Fury for awhile for open world pvp (minus the ganking hopefully) and sieges. Now I wish I had decided this sooner, so I could have taken my toon further but oh well. We shall since how Fury goes, hopefully it will be fun

Gank, Mass PVP, Sieges, Duels and of course Premades tournament. :slight_smile: Moreover minis on Crom is too boring.

For a month

Had a little break during saga, but ofcourse ill stay on Fury for the open world pvp and minigames.

I’m staying on Fury and will be available for any pugs.

Add me on discord: Fatpom

Everything a bit, and more pve dungeons and raids, tired of pvping last 4 months. It gets boring after a while. On Saga only pve I saw was with Balli and Medevac, for a couple of weeks after we got to 80. Many new players coming to Fury, not everyone wants to pvp everytime they log in. Saga was fun, but got tired of Minis messages, Events lfg, and global chat (nothing new for mmorpg).
Imo, raids are the best place to learn your class, pvp is not very helpful unless you only going for best dps/survivability build to outsmart your enemy. In any mmorpg I played pvp is much different from pve stuff, and doesn’t teach players important lessions. Also, players will learn to play in group and listen to tips if there are any.

I disagree.

PvE does not punish keyboard turning and clicking. Movement is the most important aspect of this game and in PvE it is not required. Group PvP teaches people how to play this game better than any PvE can.

How does PvP not teach any lessons?
Movement, teamwork, priortiziation, and resource allocation are all subjects any player needs to be thinking about in PvP.

Do I stun the guy chasing me?
Who do I target?
When do I use my CC for a teammate?
How do I maximize damage while healing my team?
What’re the ranges on abilities?
Who are my teammates? Can I rely on them?
How many players need to attack target X to efficiently kill them, maximizing the damage we do while minimizing the other team does to us?

Does the target I’m chasing tend to run in certain patterns? Can I predict their movement?

It sounds to me like you’ve honestly never thought about the questions above. You can PvP like it’s PvE, sure, but that’s not a recipe for success or fun.

2 minis (without any troll) running at the same time on Fury! Keep going and I’ll transfer all my chars to fury :sunglasses:

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Always Fury…

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Don’t talk about it to much. Lest you get your Crom boy to roll up a character in fury to harass minis there

Like I said, some stuff can only be learned in pve.
You’re only giving examples about pvp, and I agree with most of what you said, but many new players need to do both to learn their class and get better.
Also, I have no idea where you pulling conclusions like that from :slight_smile:

It seems to me you need to play with other players other than just a few you always in group with, and you would see that most of them don’t know what’s their class supposed to do at all.
They definitely not going to learn their class by getting killed every half a minute, or sitting at rezpad.

You opened up saying PvP doesn’t teach any lessons. I simply provided counter examples and drew a conclusion based on your original post saying that PvP teaches nothing.

You don’t improve by keyboard turning/clicking through t6. PvE and PvP are different skill sets with the latter having a lot more involved. PvEing does not make you better at PvP, and vice versa, although generally people that are good at PvP are good at PvE.

I group with a lot of players in pub minis and pub premades. I don’t group to farm alts or in order to avoid PvP.