After Saga of Blood

I kind of agree with stygga here. To get good at PvP there’s a bunch of thing you need to learn that you just don’t need in PvE, while the other way around the only things I can think of are individual tactics (can’t learn without doing/reading about them) and how aggro works (which is never a thing in PvP).

You might want to edit your post after last night t3.5 try :slight_smile: We all saw how it went.
Ninja pulling, 1/3 players not even on discord, and of those 2/3 half of them not listening to Raid leader.
It was fun anyways, but would be more fun if ppl knew what to do and knew their class out of pvp.

I hope some of them will read online guides for next raid and start listening to raid leader, because this is not ‘‘max dps and get killed bc ‘I don’t care’ and not contribute to raid dps except first 20 seconds’’ race but teamwork, and teamwork is most important in any mmorpg. There are no rezpad fights in raids, and I guess some players need to learn it. If going to do raids, players need to get ready, and it’s not problem in gear, but in the way they approach to fight.

Pvp players=good pve players is not true imo (we saw it last night). It’s actually 90% teamplay ‘‘pvp players =good teamplay pve players’’ and vice versa. For example, I suck at pvp duels, but in group I can do much more than solo (why you wonder?? because I’m used to teamplay and not solo (it’s going to take some time for me to get exp in duels)).

Pvp exp is useful only in pvp duels, nowhere else. Even if going to do group pvp, less experienced group will lose everytime (exactly what we all saw on Saga, Eos vs anyone else, only because teamplay). Ofc, some stuff you said as ‘‘Attack easiest target, use CC’s and kill dps dealer’’ is common in pve too, nothing new.
So much from me about this ‘‘pve is crap and useless’’ topic I’ve been seeing on Global last few days.

Let me add few more ‘‘What to do’’ to your list.
-Did I read guide for raid I’m about to join?
-Am I using right feats for group play instead feats for rezpad t1 pvp players farm for KD% increase?
-Do I have popcorns for when players ninja pull boss and waste everyone’s time?
-What the heck am I doing here?
-I should be killing t1 players at rezpad.
-Let’s finish this first boss and get back to pvp

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I’m pvp player myself, but gotta agree with Ryz here. There are way too many pvpers, who cannot grasp anything beyond “oh i see red target, i have my skills - let’s go”. Just compare quality of raid finder on fury and crom. And that’s super easy content.

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Just a fact. Most of pve players use their mouse for using combos and spells. In pvp u will must use your keyboard. It shows that pvp anyway harder, lol. And i see really afwul skilled players in pve, not in pvp.

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Are you kidding me? Are you doing the same minis as i am?

Why can you guys not accept its different skills? But both are skills. Pvp might be like soccer but raiding is more like chess. As good as pvp movement might be, the raids i have seen was behaving ppl like caveman. And that in a noob tier raid. So if you interested in proper raiding or have mixed interests move along since pvp servers will never have proper raid quality.
One of the reasons is the motivation to do the “other world”. If i am from PVE to PVP i am curious on it. I know i need special builds other combos etc. I prepare myself. If pvp goes for pve than with the pvp mind, build and skills just to grab stuff for pvp and with as little effort as possible since it is crappy uncool pve only…
And as stated many times best thing would be uniting all remaing AOC ppl in one server with configurable PVP flag so each one can do what he likes best at each time.

If pvp taught players so much about the game, how come I got saved slithering chaos parsers with some of you pvpers talking right now, with 200-300 dps while PVE players considered in the lower spectrum of skill got about 1200 (yes i was supriced myself that the diffrence is that high)

There are clickers in both camps, while PVE clickers might not die as a result of their way of playing, it certainly shows in other ways, like aggro/dmg output. I think we can just conclude this ->

pvpers are generally better at pvp
pvers are generally better at pve

wow that was a tough cookie, lets move on :kissing_closed_eyes:


This is a tough thread overall to respond to, but I do want to say some things.

I came to Saga of Blood a PVE player, and I hated PVP…primarily for it’s bad points:

  1. Ganking of lowbies
  2. The toxic attitude that promotes “you suck, nab, you guys are idiots, etc.”
  3. The stupid stuff in minigames that revolves around, well my friends are on the other team, I’ll just sit this one out…and gripe…

I joined a guild early in SoB, something I hadn’t done in years. And, It was a good experience overall. I met some nice people, and got encouragement and some training.

I really need to thank Raaqy, Easyclass, Ptah, Matrix for the time they spent with me. I improved, alot. I boys from Straight out of Khopshef for both encouragement and aggravation…a lot of aggravation, but they were, for the most part, fair minded and did alot to try and encourage everyone to participate in PVP and enjoy it.

I want to specifically thank Ptah for all that he did for me…he gave me more confidence than he will ever understand…and he did alot to keep the game rolling on… @AndyB and @Mussagana (you guys need to give him some props for REALLY promoting this game).

@Ryz, thank you for showing me a heck of a lot of courage and Aerri, thank you for your support.

Now, I will never be that top level PVPer, but at least, I can hold my own, and at least folks whom I consider top level players were inviting me to their groups. There is a difference in PVP and PVE, there are different but complementary skills…learning to move, learning to focus on a target and learning to cc and switch targets QUICKLY…

But, this attitude that PVP is the top of the pyramid when it comes to this game, that needs to get put away in the closet somewhere and never brought out again. I’m going to tell you, that PVPers want the game to grow, but the toxic ones are their own worst enemies…

No one wants to PVP when someone is ganking your lowbie, just because they can…there’s no purpose or gain for that…there’s no gain in PVP is you go toxic in a minigame and spout insults…

I appreciate the things that MyStygga and Guise are doing to get promote PVP and make it fun. I hope that the pub premades won’t fall by the wayside. I haven’t yet been able to get to one of those and I would have really enjoyed it.

So, if you read this, thanks. If I can learn to quit keyboard turning, then, for those that this applies to, you can unlearn your toxic attitudes…


Most of u wrote about not skills but about knowledge. I’m pvp player, but i can do any pve really easy if u will explain me tactics. Moreover i can do pve build and do much better dmg in bad gear than a half of pve players. And i really don’t see any reason for pve players grow up in his skill if he do fine and know tactics. In pvp u all time need to be good and become better to be a winner in any pvp participation. Sry if u don’t agree with me, but i’m mostly pvp player and it’s opinion from my side.

thats a cool story bro! im happy that you are good in both pve and pvp!


After Saga of Blood:

Fury is more populated then before saga, with multiple RF runs throughout the week and raids and dungeons running as well as minigames. Best ofc the great open world pvp :slight_smile:

For those who moved to crom for the population and miss the pvp of fury, this is your time to transfer to Fury again!!!


Lets talk again in 2-3 month.

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Why so pessimistic. With such an attitude everything fails.

I’d really like to see Fury get healthy populated again. It would be great to have 2 servers alive, but Saga just closed, tournament is up, I’m not yet ready to fall for it.

Just give it a try, and maybe you enjoy yourself. The population as it is now is sufficient to sustain itself (I.e. there is constantly something to do, so no need to move away from the server). With more people who join now fury is a fun again it will only be better.

All people are inherently lazy, so almost noone creates groups to organize stuff. Everyone is waiting for another person to do so and then complain nothing is happening and then go look for other things.

It’s also our responsibility as a community to make this work and make the server fun to be on. Example is beargasm who arranged balanced open world pvp this morning.

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I started playing on Fury at the end of saga. Festival week was crazy, open world pvp, two minis at the same time, duels… But that’s impressive how action died when festi week ended


This is unfortunately the case in regard to Fury. It is a ghost town when there is no pvp festival. Funcom should get rid of the daily rotation and make it a weekly rotation. And bring more pvp festivals because its hella boring on there without it. You wont see me in age of conan outside of pvp fest.

Ghost town? Just log on and check, maybe talk in global

and arrange some stuff yourself. It’s all about perception.

Minis and yesterday was pug t4 raid on fury.

You’re right it is indeed all about perception and when i log on in US wee hours it is indeed easy to perceive it as a ghost town. #Deadgame

Ghost town? I mean every night in US time we got constant minis, we do Slithering Chaos every night. 6 mans when you want. Open world pvp happens more during EU time granted. Maybe you should stop coming on posting in all caps about how dead everything is. Stuff’s going on. just gotta be in the loop