After Saga of Blood


Looky here, No need to get defensive dude. I think all that time you spent on crom got to you.

As far as activity, 6 mans don’t really count as activity on Fury if we’re being honest. I mean, If i wanted to do 6 mans id stay on Crom. And minis? Pug minis have always been trash and even you can’t argue that. They’re a filler. No world pvp = dead server.

I’ll check in periodically and document the activity or lack of activity I observe. It seemed like it was going well the few days after saga merged but last few times i logged on and checked i saw nada. Not even any good chatter in global. It seems to have coincided with the end of the festival week. It would be nice if @mussagana would enable the pvp festival year round. At this point its needed. Or at the least change the daily map rotation to a weekly rotation. People don’t like changing zones every day. Not to mention the fact it changes at 8 pm est, right in the middle of US prime time doesn’t help…

Like deukalion said, perception is reality… No world pvp in the pvp zones and the game is perceived to be a ghost town. Just because 6 friends get together and run a dungeon doesn’t make it otherwise. If someone like me who is at end game thinks it’s that way what will newcomers think when they log on and see tortage empty and desolate?

As far as the tourney goes it’ll be nice to see a good turnout. But that’s another topic. This topic is discussion of the current life of Fury after Saga and as someone who spent more time as a resident on Fury than most of you, I know the signs and they’re all there as much to my dismay as it is. I can’t help but be a negative nancy on the topic.

p.s. I speak of US prime time, I can’t speak on EU prime time. It may be lively during EU times but how does that help those us us who are on later? If there is no activity when we log on then it’s a dead game… d-e-d… dead!

Update 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

This is the sum total of all players in a pvp daily zone or minigame at US prime time. Approx: 15 total

This is the total number of players currently participating in world pvp , Approx: 3 players.

How is Fury not a ghost town again?


Spread you are a pessimist. We’ve had some great action on fury. Its hard to have action at all hours of the day. The biggest issue is when people login and they don’t immediately see action happening and they log off to play other games. I’ve made some suggestions on how funcom can easily fix that, just need to invest a little money into developing a custom game open world pvp mode.


Can’t help it. I’ve been optimistic for this game for too many years and i’m tired.

I’m sure there is great action at sporadic intervals but it’s not enough. And you’re right. I just logged on and wandered around a bit. Saw Camney sitting on the pad probably afk. and nothing else going on. Not going to waste time standing around with my thumb in my rear. Got better games to play.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on Funcom doing anything about it.

Guise knows how to get in touch with me if you guys want an extra player for a scrim or add me on steam. Same name. no point in logging on otherwise as far as i’m concerned.


It is true that there is a 3 hour period where there is not much action on Fury. However, this is the time between NA and EU prime ( starting roughly 10 PM PST) time on weekdays, which makes sense as many people need to sleep and work.

However, we had 3 groups of people out in Tesso fighting shortly after this period on Sunday.

I think it is probably more important to enjoy the PvP that does occur, rather than point out the low population.


pvp is dead on fury. Its 8 pm est and im standing in the pvp zone all by myself… #ghosttown.


I don’t log Fury often enough to say it’s a ghost town or isnt. I do know when I log various times (early am CST or later between 8 to 10 pm) global does not move. Guild chat does not move. NPH does not move. Whether this is due to everyone in Discord, I cannot say, but it’s eerie and now I face the very real notion of deleting Fury and starting something new in Crom. Again. I want Fury to live, I do. Judging by the chat window, I have doubts.


Not dead at all! Im EU player so cant rly comment on US primetime but EU prime is ok. Ofc we allways want more. But pretty much everyday ill get a 10 vs 10 situation or more in pvp daily zones. Minis are poppin plenty.


I’m not sure what to think about fury statements here. It sounds like some of you ultimately want to believe fury is fine, while some of you seem to see exactly what I expected. Fury is fine while pvp festival and pvp tournament event. But that’s it.
I hope for you and AoC that it gets better, but I stay on crom with my mains


With all due respect, you can stay on crom then. Nobody is forcing you to come to fury. We’d love to have you, though. There has been a lot of great world PvP. But there are certainly downtimes.

The tourney is seasonal, and we get weekly RF pops. It’s actually really quickly to get RF rings on fury between login rewards, RF, and tourney participation.


This game has shifted for sure to being dominated by EU players. But that’s true for both servers. EU primetime and the small window that overlaps with US is by far the busiest time but there is always SOMETHING happening on Fury during all times. I feel like some of the players with the most negative comments are the guys who stand in Khesh for hours waiting on duels. If you want to do world pvp pve or whatever all you have to do is throw it in global and stuff starts happening


not sure what u mean by shifted, even as far back as the merge of eu/na ppl went berserk that servers would be in NA while clear majority of playersbase was in EU.


What he means is that EU players are the overwhelming majority of players. My guess is around 25% of players are US based right now. Other than a handful of guilds, it’s really bleak during US time.


What he means by shifted is that in around 2012 90% of US players quit, while previously the population was healthy, which prompted the mergers.


I will say that after some goading last night by yours truly, I was able to get some decent pvp in the zone so thanks for that. Will continue to see what can be kicked up during us prime time.