Make pvp event full time on Crom

The title says all, why pvp players must wait whole month for 1 week of pvp fest? Fury is dead, no point in playing there for festival, and no pve either. Also many pvp quests are hard to complete in 1 week, i mean capture 5 flags and etc.
So i dont see any reason why pvp fest cant run all the time in pvp locations such as border kingdoms? Just rotate em once a week and thats will be great.

If you want to pvp you actually should transfer a toon to fury and check out the pvp levelup app.:


Fury isn’t dead. There’s PVP everyday and every night!

and if we get more people on fury there will even be PVE. As of now there are a few folks who do six man’s such as chaos runs.

Deukalion is right. Transfer one toon over that you like to PVP with, Make sure it it has a tier one set or less. If you don’t have the gold to buy the gear somebody will hook you up.

Get the app at Create an account, add your toon. Sign for matchmaking.

The matches take place in the open world. And you can even earn tokens for conducting these matches in the daily PVP festival zones which go on all month! A new zone everyday and chances to win tokens!

And did I mention PVP happens every day and every night? :thinking:

you don’t even need to do mini games on fury anymore to earn gear!

So come on over and have a good time!
You can see how it works below.

Video skip to about 28 mins in

And drop on by for happy hour with the spread man! daily US Eastern prime time!


To add a metric with some meaning behind what spreadman said:

We’ve had roughly 450 matches since the app was released about a month ago. Fury isn’t dead, it’s a very niche community. Come play with us! We need more players at EU hours :slight_smile:


PvP Festival isnt PvP neither on crom nor fury,so there is no reason to have it running constantly, if you want PvP, youll go check the app as people above said, if you want farm, you can do dailies on fury/wait event anywhere

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I highly recommend you send a character over to fury so you can play the pvp app when the pvp events stop on crom and minis arent popping. it’s a lot more fun that any of the pvp provided on crom.

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Not trying to be a butt, just trying to understand something here.

My impression of any of the PVP servers AoC has had, has been one of open world pvp. You’re just out doing your thing, come across someone else and Fights On!

But this App & Matchmaking you’re talking about seems, well maybe not so much against that concept, but it sounds like something that could be done on Crom as well except that instead of it happening just anywhere it would have to happen in the Border Regions where you can pvp anytime.

I’m just wondering why tout open world pvp, when you have to use an app to hook up with someone? And wouldn’t it make sense to import the app to Crom to increase the number of Pvp’ers?

This is only a very small part of the pvp. For years there have been small and larger battles in the pvp areas on fury.

The reason Fury is preferred is that there is a very large variety of locations where the pvp can take place. This would be very restricted if there would be pvp only in the border kingdom.

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Ah OK, got it, thanks for explaining.

If the app were used on crom the effective maps would be cut down to about 5% of the available maps on Fury. I haven’t created locations for thunder river, northern grasslands, chosain, kara korum, nobles district, border to kush, or cimmerian end yet.


You know what else I’d like to see, I’ve already made my thoughts on House of Crom known but there are other pvp enabled dungeons out there. One dungeon comes to mind, The cistern in the tarantia Noble district. I believe there’s also a cave in the EIG mountains that is PVP enabled. I’m sure there’s a couple more out there I just can’t think of right now

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from what i have seen the Crom playerbase has had an overwhelmingly negative or disinterested reaction. additionally i don’t think people would be agreeable to the t1 pvp ruleset on crom.

the way i see it, there’s a bit of a difference in mentality. generally speaking, crom players want to have all their shiny toys and broken weapons and raidfinder rings. they value their gear and living a power fantasy more than having a fun, even, playing ground.

this is the same reason you see members of a couple pvp guilds refuse to try the app. being on an even playing field with everybody else is too scary of a situation to even think about.


Well, if player has been doing RF for years to get his rings, it is totally understandable he wants to use it
But not sending a single character over to fury to try it is the thing I can`t understand

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many pvp players are on crom for t6, rf and mini armor. should have only one server with a mode in which you can activate pvp or pve mode in zones. like on another mmorpg.
there would be many more people using the app and new players
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While I’m sure that’s true about 100% Pvp (and I fall into that category), I don’t think it is for Pvp you can ‘turn on and off’ at will. I mean if that was a totally true attitude there wouldn’t be ANY Pvp on Crom and yet there is.

I think if you give people a greater choice in where and when they pvp and allow them to decide more people might dabble in it and if you can get them to stick their toe in, than getting the rest of the body to follow is a lot easier.

whenever i see this app advertised or someone trying to build awareness on crom there’s been very little interest, and a lot of negative comments about the app from players that have not tried it. these are the same players that spam minigames on crom all day and farm the living daylights out of pvp1 players.

i have trouble believing your point considering pve focused players due to the fact that the previous community run pvp events (fury tournament, crom tournament) had nearly no representation from players with a pve focus, even though there was an entire league purposely created for people “dabbling” in pvp. this app has mmr to help create balanced matches with the people ‘dabbling’ in pvp in mind. that hasn’t drawn anyone in, despite advertising, positive user testimonial, and a myriad of demonstrations.

the fact is the community for aoc sucks massive ■■■■, the pve community just wants to whine there’s no content while ignoring player-generated content while refusing to try ANY pvp content, and the pvp community just wants to farm players that are less geared than them while ignoring pvp thats actually competitive and fun.

then you see posts like the OP where its clear its just some pve ■■■■■■ that wants rewards 100% of the time and events to farm nonstop on crom. how about having the events run on fury 100% of the time so that theres an actual reason to play on that server?

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moving a character to a dead server is expensive. the server lives thanks to the app and there isn’t even a mini fury. in which month the server will be empty again will be fed up

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transfer costs like 5$, if thats expensive, mb stop playing games?

minis are by far some of the worst pvp content in then game, why would it be a problem they dont pop on fury? :smiley: you get far better quality pvp in the pvp app than you would in minis

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Considering the average cost of entertainment:

You spent (minimum) 20$ to see a movie. Add snacks, drinks, alcohol for pregaming, etc. and you’re looking at upwards of 40$, more if you’re bringing friends. If we’re really nickle and diming, you could also add in cost of transit as well. All for roughly 2 hours of entertainment.

For a 40 hour AAA video game, you’re likely to pay 60-80$.

Consider this app. I’ve spent a considerably larger amount of time playing this app. With a single transfer (5$) you’re getting an incredibly efficient entertainment to money-spent ratio.

For 5$, I’ve literally spent roughly 100 hours playing with the EU and NA crews.

Let’s compare:
10-20$/hour for a movie
1.5$/hour for a AAA video game
.05$/hour (and will continue to drop as I spend more time) using app

I understand that for some people, 5$ (for a character transfer) might not be available, but for the vast majority, it’s simply one of myriad excuses when the underlying problem is actually a lack of desire to try pvp content, or be placed in a social pvp environment where players work together instead of bum rushing the rez pad.