About server crom / fury ( pve - pvp )

I would like to make a wish, fusion server crom / fury
Regarding pvp, there will be an instance for each pvp instance mappy, pve players who want to gain more pve experience will have to join the pvp mappy otherwise pve card by earning less. Suddenly the players who want to pvp will be able to find some prey.

Otherwise if no fusion will be good that the mini pvp games see raid can be on 2 servers. fury is sorely lacking in players, so why not let fury sign mini crom games … as well as for the raid finder …

What you think ?

damn why let mini game , pvp event week festival in server crom … better let real all pvp in server fury …
Tortage do open pvp on fury , like acheron can’t pvp …

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It sounds like you want to FORCE PvE players to go to the Pvp map’s for full XP while they quest. Forced Pvp would be the quickest way to drive Crom’s population away. Now I’m sure you’ll say ‘but they can play on the PvE map’s, just get less XP’ and take longer to level. Basically gimping them for not buying into your Pvp-fest.

Your comment of ‘Suddenly the players who want to pvp will be able to find some prey.’ just screams ganking, which pretty much shows why you want this. No Thanks.

Now I do support merging the 2 servers and just putting in a Temporary Enemy Flag feature like other games have used. You want to Pvp, turn on your flag and you’re now attackable. Don’t want to Pvp, leave it off.

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Or leave servers as is, and allow fury and crom players to somehow join the same minigame /dungeon finder. (The rule set in minigames and dungeons is the same for both servers anyways)

I have no idea if such a thing is technically possible though, as they are 2 different servers.

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Would literally be best of both worlds - hope it’s possible, Fury wouldn’t be quite so lonely

I agree, the 2 servers should merge and there should be a benifit to playing on the PvP aspect of the game. If you can’t handle pvp in a game built around conflict you shouldn’t be playing a conflict based game. Bejewelled is also F2P and no one will bother you.

It’s been brought up many times before, literally for years. I believe Andyb once said the coding for this would be next to impossible, I may be wrong. Pve players don’t like to be prey when they are questing.
Those that do both can gain xp from participating in the pict festival and minis on Crom.

The reasons for the decline of Fury (rage and all the other PvP servers) is well documented and needs not to be covered again.

they’re never going to merge the servers they don’t have the technical know-how but I do agree that if they ever did and they were separate instances for PVP and PVE that you should get more XP rewards if you quest in the PVP enable zones. More risk more reward

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Thank you very much for replying to my subject, it makes me happy!
But at least we will have said, and as you said, it has already been said …
Everything is good when it’s a reminder, at least we will have said and thought …

no I do not force anyone, but in life you have to take risks if you want to earn more, that was just a relatively good idea, after there was a possibility of staying in the pve zone … I think the temptation to want won more was a good idea ^^. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

and why not shut down everything pvp on server crom? and let pvp fury. Why mini games on a pve server? why the events week festival? It’s a shame, I think I let server crom do some pvp …

why are you so impatient about a merge? You got a hot date?

People already brought a lot of good solutions like flagging, zone instances and others. It’s fair to say it will never happen.

Yiiipiiiih, this again!
Single server technology was announced pre July 2012? And the merge of the servers (pve eu / pvp eu / pve US / pvp US) in July 2012 was the first step of the single server technology - this was promised to us, this was the “reason” why there was no manpower or ressources for anything else, because countles minions at funcom sank endless hours of worktime into the singe sever technology. At that time is was also never ever ever never ERVER possible to merge EU and US servers.
This was literally what was communicated back then. After some years of no SECOND step the single server project got ditched silently.

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It’s in the queue, just behind the crafting revamp…

I’ll get my coat.


I do both pve and pvp, though I do less PvP these days. I still have a couple on fury. But the point is Crom has minis and the monthly pict fest. And if someone could get enough for a siege, that’s on Crom too, in theory. You are not forced into being prey on crom, but for people like me, there’s PvP should I want it.

that’s why PvP should not be closed on crom.

I don’t see any point of that. 99% of people farm in private instances(OS, dungeons, raids). Only people who will be thrown to that stuff is some newbies, and old ■■■■■■ players gonna gank them over and over for no reason.

Only reasonable server merge scenario is just merging Minigame and Groupfinder queue

I have no idea if they have the programming talent, but replacing the normal/epic zone selection with PVE/PVP would be great for a consolidated server. There’s a lot of Fury people who have simply given up, and might(yes, might) return if they didn’t have to start from square one on Crom. At this point, my only real concern would be preserving the PVP app that private players have worked hard to create. Not sure if that would function in Crom or not. -Mike

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I believe the problem is character ID Numbers.
Fury Characters, have the same ID Numbers as Characters on Crom and it would take a hell of an effort to reassign these.

Not 100% but I remember this being mentioned.

I am pretty sure Andyb said one time a while back that the programming to do this is not easy- it is not a matter of cut and paste, they would basically need to redo the entire zone and they don’t have the resources for that.

They should hire someone to do it. Invest a little money into your product Funcom ffs