Free server Transfer?

This is kind of dragging out now the inevitable server merge , can we at least get a jump start with a free transfers off Fury ?

5:30pm est 6 80’s and total of 24 people on fury with one of those people belogged in for 4 days mining in Lotus swamp.

Really need to address the population issue, its becoming game breaking. No minis , No WB , No Raidfinder …

They lowered the cost to 5 USD. Just an fyi

IF the servers where booming and I was like, I want to go to crom, i’d pay 5 bucks. THe server is dead, and it is dead because of hacking and cheating and exploiting.

Free Transfer.

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Honestly, the main problem with “open world” pvp is that “open world” pvp isn’t fun. Is be ganged while distracted doing quests and dying in a frustrating way and then camp and gank to improve your kd… This to not mention guilds controlling vital points to level your character and not leting anyone do the quest

See this user

Honestly, i think that most users who gived low user score on metacritic or steam played on fury…

It just sounds to me like maybe this isn’t the game you should be playing bro maybe you should find your fun somewhere else?

Either give it a few months or just pay 5usd for transfer. Fury is getting merged anyway. it’s completely pointless keeping a whole server for 10 regular players and about 10 random lowbies who will try this game for 10-12 levels and then get bored and quit.

It can be quite hurtful for those who return to see fury as desolate as it is now, the same goes for new players as Anathemath mentioned (and talked about in this post: White Sands Island PvP)

  • make crom more habitable for PvPers (add daily rotating PvP zone, and give the festival zones that are on Fury on Crom aswell)

  • separate the PvE/PvP arenas, and make it possible to target the two people inside…

with the entire comminity gathered, might florish some activity with more minis popping and more people attending the festivals. LONG due if you ask me.

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I don’t think it should be possible to target the players in the arena specifically because it could open up the possibility of outside interference. The arena itself is a sort of Instance on its own. It would be nice if you could see the combatants health bars from the view points on the 2nd floor, or perhaps get rid of that moat and add some better view points and perhaps stadium seating. Couple of hot dog vendors and ale wenches. A fine time indeed!

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Realistically, they could just add a whole new playfield for festival space on crom instead of rotating it between pve zones. And make more mini options, like 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 etc. Plus add another pit in, say, Tarantia noble where you can duel to unclog the fotd pit.

it’s possible to target green NPC’s and still no interference possible… don’t see why this would be a problem here.

5 days now in row and not a single mini game.

8 -10 level 80’s , 3/4 in the same guild
about 10-15 low level ranging form 4-68.

Raid finder is pretty much dead on Fury. Minis coming close.

It would be 35 dollars to transfer all my character, I will never pay since I diodn’t kill the server. I’d stick my legs in the ocean churning with great whites before I’'d pay 35 dollars for what should’ve never happened to the pvp server.

Can we please increase price of server transfer? We wouldn’t want to risk Utogi coming to Crom.



your silly, I’m the friendliest player around, as long as you don’t cheat :slight_smile:

Which according to you is everyone.

fury update :
24 people on

5 level 80’s
19 low level classes from 5 - 71

0 minis
0 raidfinder
0 chat

conclusion : free transfers or merger by end of month

When the merger is complete, I will unlock my ToS :slight_smile:

logged into fury. 4 80’s and 12 lowbies .

Funcom is waiting on that $100 from server transfers.

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LOL… There are 20 players on Fury???

Fury today :frowning:

more of the same, just more lowbies …