Character Transfers - Merge?

Transfers done

Since Character transfers are now permanently disabled, is there any plan to merge fury and corm? @Funcom


This is terrible news. Any official communication from funcom on mitigation plans for people with toons on the wrong server?

fury population.PNG

Here’s the list of 14 players online currently on fury, I think funcom should just close this server. @Funcom @AgeOfConanDev


Fury population goes in waves. Depending on the hour, week and month. A snapshot of one time doesnt give an accurate representation of the situation.
Also I wonder what benefit closing the server would have for the players. Why would one advocate for this.

Well, fury has less than 30 players on even when it’s pvp event/busy.

I think merging the servers + adding a few pvp zones would be the best option, but that’s probably not something @Funcom will do.

This would be a solution yes, but already identified as unfeasible unfortunately.

@Funcom is there any announcement going to be posted or update regarding this?

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Any news would be great, thanks.