WHY cant Transfer 80lvl

Pathethic behaviour of the company. I have never encountered such disregard in my life. Character transfer is impossible, billing issues, why dont you Just shut down this game? It can be clearly seen that Aoc is like a splinter in the eye for you. Let the boat sink guys

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Character Transfer 2021-06-17 14:47:48 Rejected Service Failed. Your points have been returned, we are looking into the problem.

When are you trying to fix this?

Tomorrow …

Its work 80lvl…go Crom.

not for me apparently. Come on @AndyB… im trying 20 days now. I’m almost off of sub days. Then i 'll have to pay again so i can access support. Please do something.
Support ticket 1 [Funcom #1168660]
Support ticket 2 [Funcom #1168424]


We are still aware of the issue and looking into the matter of transfers, but at this time we have not found a solution for those affected.

The core issue appears to be more complex than originally thought, and the individual tickets we have in for individual transfer issues will need more time to investigate.

At this moment in time, due to the widespread nature of the issue and its underlying complexity, we have opted to disable further character transfers at this time. We will continue to investigate and work towards a complete solution. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration so far.

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“we have opted to disable further character transfers at this Time” - this made me laugh :joy: it will be a neverending investigation, mark my words

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Replace Rui Casais as CEO that’s how they fix it

Character Transfer 2021-06-17 15:09:00 Granted Success

80lvl barb transfer crom :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Not sure how but may be interesting for the dev team, I did a password change 3 months ago which didnt work. After the character transfer was disabled, I couldnt login anymore with my regular password, but the password i tried to change to 3 month ago worked now. I did another check and I could change the password immediately.

So in other words, password change is working again for me since character disable (although I prefer to have a working character transfer service :))

Found: Rare picture of the AoC dev department from the last Funcom office party

I don’t think those are related, but thank you for the update.

When transfer work? 202?

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I assume transfers will work again by the time hell freezes over

Ye, transfer not work newer.

RIP Character Transfers

20 days since they took them down and still no news, no progress. :frowning:

Do you know why they took them down? Because they are not planning to fix it, no character transfers = no problems



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