Character transfer broken

Char transfer from crom to fury does not work for me. Rejected 6 times.

You had enough points / funds to cover the move?

Yes ofc. I was refunded all 6 times too.

They’ve been having problems with the transfer system of late. Just contact support at about it or try submitting a ticket to their help page.

Ye ill try once more tomorrow and if still not workin im goin for that

Hi, Funcom recently made a post about transfers with some notes about character being older than 30days and not transferred in last 30 days.
Also about maybe needing to completely log out of the game for 15 minutes.
See linked post:

Ye i saw that. But its not the case with my tune. And i did log out. They seem to still have issues with transfers. I made a ticket yesterday. But still no answer. Ppl have been waitin close to a week for answers it seems… so i guess it wont happen anytime soon

@Funcom_Community @Funcom any plans to fix this?

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Nope. Not happening


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it’s been 1.5 years now and no official update on the matter @AndyB
I hope you are all good up there at @Funcom

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So any news here? I made a petition to move my chars 4 weeks ago, and still no reply. How difficult can it be? You wanna give them money and they say no.

A GM will reply and say there’s no plan to fix it.

well, a GM can recreate your char manually :stuck_out_tongue:

I would pay for that.

So would I, so I dont understand why they dont do it.
It’s not like its a lot of us left on fury. Just keep a few ppl happy to play the game. Didn’t play this game for like 4-5 years now and wanna check how’s it going and the first thing that happens is that you are stuck on server that at best has 5 ppl online.


Funcom, please get this fixed allow people to swap around freely. PLEASE TAKE OUR MONEY!!!

Lets get a zoom call going, this probably should be EASY to fix. I will help free of charge.