Character transfer still not possible after 3+ weeks - where is support?

About 3 weeks ago, I filed a petition and a ticket because my character transfer from Fury to Crom would fail everytime, citing “Rejected - Service Failed. Your points have been returned, we are looking into the problem.”. The GMs responded to my petition, saying they had filed an internal ticket with the developers and that it would take time. I’m pretty disappointed in this stuff, I am a subscriber and willing to pay for this transfer, why is no one willing to take it?

A lot of people have that issue including myself, I don’t think they will ever fix it unfortunately.

How long have you been having that issue?
I know from other people that have had this fixed before and it took 3 months for them, that was a while ago tho.

1 month and the GM told me they are not sure they will be able to fix it.

@AndyB I know you are aware of this issue, but I don’t think this is getting the right priority.
For some of us this is literally making the game unenjoyable.

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