Character TransferRejected Service Failed

Character Transfer 2021-02-02 18:36:51 Rejected Service Failed. Your points have been returned, we are looking into the problem.

Hello, i have a problem i am trying to transfer my character from Fury PVP server to Crom PVE server. and i receive this message. please help !

email account: xxxxx@■■■.■■■
username : XXXXXXXXXX
Character: Yiacuza

i want to transfer from Fury to Crom.

There is no escape

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i have payd for membership, account is not frozen is premium. still not working !!! how can i transfer my main char from fury to Crom? is there any admin around here ?

Yeah they are still working on my 6 months old ticket. They do fix it on a case by case basis but it’s really slow and really random (well I don’t know, I probably suck at begging too).

As for fixing the issue globally, well they are allegedly aware of it but have no ETA to give us, of course.

They did change something recently however, my buggy transfers would stay stuck on “pending” for days before but now they fail instantly with the error you mentioned. So maybe they attempted to patch it but failed.

I’ve noticed that the support for this game is appaling at best.
My veteran account has been subscription for almost a month now,
but all my chars are still naked and nothing in the bank, and my paid
transfer still hasn’t gone through.
And all i get it “we apologize for this inconvenience” but nothing for my troubles,
while they keep taking payments and not sorting my issues.

And i’ve had 4? messages in total over almost a month period… that’s intolerable.

So i’ve pretty much started up a second account and requested a free premium
until they fix my account. Because if they CAN’T fix my veteran account,
i pretty much have 3 useless chars and no point playing on it…
and money paid for a service i wasn’t given.