I miss my old characters - Login Timed Out

A friend of mine started playing AoC on Crom, and asked if i would join him in AoC,
and i said i had 3 old characters on AoC and would be happy to join him.
But when i reactivated my account and unlocked 2/3 characters, i couldn’t login,
and everytime i tried, i was timed out at the character login screen.

NOW… i’ve been told that all the servers has received a major populationchange
and that CROM is now the PvE server where people go, and all my characters were locked
into the PvP Fury server.

SO… here’s the big question. I REALLY want to play with my friend… but will the GM’s
help transfer my 3 chars from FURY to CROM if i subscribe ?.

I would love to get back into the game… i played a Conq up to 35 in 3 days,
but i want my old chars back and would prefer to get my 3 chars to Crom from FURY .

If your characters ended up on Fury I’m going to guess they started out on one of the Pvp servers way back when.

Pretty sure you’d need to pay for a character transfer, they won’t do it for free.

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Agree you most likely will need to pay for a transfer or reroll and/or continue levelling. If funcom started giving free transfers then everyone would want one.

I’ve been away for years and just returned and subscribed…
if they can’t even show a little will to assist a returning paying customer,
then i’ll probably be out permanently.

I don’t see a problem giving a free char-transfer to a veteran account that’s reactivated with subscription.

Would like to add that i still, after 2 weeks, can’t login on my characters (constantly timed out),
and i haven’t heard a word from Funcom’s Support . Hopefully the subscriptionstatus will speed things up.

I don’t see a problem in getting stuff for free in general, actually :sunglasses:.

You pay for the subscription, this does not entitle you to any other services for free. Your logic would put you at the last spot to get anything for free, compared to all the other veterans who paid for the years you did not.
Your friend just started the game, take the chance and level together with him. You did not say how long you took a break from the game, or which level your characters have, they might not even exist any longer, if they were low level.


L80 Necro in T2 gear, L61 Guard, 63 PoM.

It’s $5 to transfer a character. They’re not going to do a freebie. Also keep in mind that people have been experiencing problems transferring. But look on the bright side. Now that you’re subscribed, at least they’ll answer your petition if you need help