Returning player - Server transfer possible?

I’ve been inactive in the game for a good few years now, however, as of late the urge to play Age of Conan: Unchained has started creeping on me and I’ve been talking with some other ex-players who feel the same way.
After some investigation it has become very apparent that my old server (Fury) is very, very dead however, back when I did play I invested a great amount of time into this game and my characters and they hold both sentimental value along with progress and gear that I would not be willing to give up on.
The reason I am making this thread, is because my plan along with my friends, was to pay for character transfers and move our characters over from Fury to Crom to once again get into the world of Hyborea - however, when I go to the account page on the funcom website, the option for character transfer is nowhere to be found.
I did some further investigation on google and could find a few threads on the matter but I couldn’t seem to find a definitive answer other than a response from AndyB saying the matter was under investigation.
I realize this thread is a longshot, and I am already understood with the fact that this might not be possible, but I felt I had to try at least.

What I’m asking in this thread is essentially, is it at all possible to do a character transfer?
If so, I would be available to provide you with any and every detail you require and obviously, pay for the service.

Looking forward to any kind of feedback on this and hoping for the best!

Best regards,


Welcome back to game. Server transfers have been disabled for quite a long time now because something broke and Funcom either has no clue how to fix it, or doesn’t care enough to fix whatever broke the transfers. Sadly you’re stuck on Fury with the toons you have already. Your only choices will be to play on the toons you’ve invested time in on Fury with your friends if they’re also on Fury, or to make new characters on Crom.

Thanks for the answer!
I was afraid this would be the case, posted the thread in hopes that maybe dialogue and money could convince someone with access to manually transfer the characters, but I guess not.

Sadly, I don’t think any of my friends would want to return if we were to play on Fury given the circumstances, I logged on a few times on different days for the past week to have a look and there seems to be an average of like 5-15 people on Fury; not really enough for enjoyable gameplay.

Starting over on Crom also seems like too big of an ordeal given how long the game has been alive and how important things like AA etc are, all my toons on Fury were PvP 10 with maxed PvP AA’s and what not, I would probably quite literally have to play and grind for months if not a year to catch up with a single character.

Sad as it is, it seems as though AoC might have to remain no more than a treasured memory of the best MMO experience I’ve had.

You could buy funcom points and buy an instant t3 level 80 character on Crom, which will give you like 120 AA points, t3 gear and accessories (PvE gear), and it would give you a head start. With Crom, you could also do “raidfinder” once a week where you will get a substantial amount of experience points for AAs. You can also buy a set of t2 pvp gear from the item store where you would buy your insta 80 t3 character (or a basic 80)

I normally wouldn’t suggest it, but that is an option. Fury is mostly for the diehard pvpers, and zerg weeks only tend to happen sporadically.

I appreciate the response, but we’re talking about blowing through a bit over 100$ (as I don’t have russian pricing) to accomplish this and even then, I would still have to grind RF for the RF rings and a massive amount of AA’s since the 100 expertise points your get with the level 80 bundle only gets you so far, and I would have to do this only to be able to enjoy the PvP side of the game, because as you might have guessed, being a Furyan as I am, I am one of those hardcore PvPers who would only engage in PvE on occassion if I could choose.
If Fury could pop minigames that alone would be enough for me to be satisfied over there, but I don’t think that happens ever.

I understand you probably took all of this into consideration before replying, but I felt like I wanted to give you an answer regardless, thanks for taking the time to answer me bud, it’s a shame it is the way it is hehe.

I did take it into consideration. I figured with you being on Fury you were most likely PvP oriented. Minigames do pop on Crom, though. They are usually imbalanced and there are sometimes issues with people in the same guild who are on opposing teams who will not attack eachother. As said, I normally wouldnt suggest the give funcom money option. You’d also have to factor in if your friends would do the same. Then you’d have to decide if being farmed endlessly by the Crom pvp 10s is worth it. I’d probably think it’s not worth it and just occasionally log into Fury and see if there is anyone in the PvP event zones and go to them if there are enough players there to make it interesting

I do know that right now on Fury there is sporadic world pvp, as I’m watching a stream of it that is in live time.

It’s a shame Funcom doesnt properly care for this game anymore, but it is what it is.

Discussion pretty much describes PvP in this game currently. Started on Fury almost a year ago did a character at lvl 62 lost interest. Started on Crom farmed the wb and rf and some raids but looking at the gap got bored quickly and lost interest.

If you are not interested in the pve, i think fury is the place to be. Crom mini’s are happening, but as described above, the balance is often terrible.

There are daily fights on Fury, but for sure it depends on the time you play.

It’s absolutely horrendous that Funcom has refused to address the server transfer issue. That being said, you can find PVP on fury at times but it’s definitely sporadic. The same can be said about crom though because sometimes there’s no PVP on crom either. I encourage you to take advantage of these lulls in activity and play chivalry 2 with The Spreadman. It looks like a lot of PVP fun. :+1:

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