Returning after 7 years

Hello, greetings, tjingeling.

As topic states i am returning after 7 years away. I was planning to long time sub right away and step back in the game 100%. But first i notice Fury server cant even muster “1” lvl 80 mini 5 days in a row and had 14 lvl 80’s online at most in prime time… Then i thought ok fine crom has population from what i hear so i move a char, even tho i lose much pvp content at least there is people enough for minis.

Then i find out transfer is broken…

So my questions are:

Will they merge servers ?
When will they fix transfer?
Why dont they cross server minis and such?

Anyone know anything ?

No use putting one cent into subing or such until i know i can get at least half of what i want out of the game.

Truth is one a lot of days you’ll struggle to get a mini even on crom now.

Level 80 character transfers apparently seems totally broken.

Sub payment system also broken so don’t be surprised when you do sub that either the transaction completely fails or they take your money but fail to sub you in game.

  • Never, and if they did it would be just transferring Fury characters to Crom under the Crom rule set. Pretty sure they’ve said a few times they wouldn’t / couldn’t ever set up 1 server with 2 rule sets.

  • Hadn’t heard transfer’s were having a problem, but if the subbing problem is any guide to go by, probably never.

  • Too much trouble?

For what it’s worth someone on Fury developed a fight match phone app that they use to set up fights.

And like Darm said, the odds of you giving them money and a sub working right from the start is pretty low.

Sad to say, but this wonderful game is in pretty poor shape.

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Thanks for the reply guys.

Well s*** on me… That was not what i wanted to hear… I was realy hoping to get back in the game and play like the good old days. But maybe i just have to rethink and let this game go.

Go play something worth investing your time and money into.

The game took a noticeable nose dive since the last event.

It seems like such a waste… This game is still one of the best games out there in this genre… I have tried many others but no one of them match AoC to 100%. It kinda makes me mad that they dont see what kinda gem aoc is and just lets it fade away.

I will hang around for a while but with lack of pop and/or support i dont know for how long.

Thanks all for replys and telling it like it is.


There’s no denying that it’s a great game, it’s just horrendously managed, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like that is likely to change.

It’s sad really… I wish they would change their ways or sell the game to some who could manage it they way it should. Makes you wonder tho how and why it came to be this way.

Greed and Funcom suddenly realizing after launch that the game they really wanted was a Wold of Warcraft clone where everything should be a massive gear grind. The shift in focus and attitude was remarkable.