End of Saga - future of Fury



I have thought and hoped that one of the end goals of this Saga server was to revitalize the Fury server.
I know that many players have either re-rolled on Crom or transferred to Crom because “Fury is dead”.
When SAGA of Blood ends, Fury should have a much healthier population. EoS active on Fury and other player driven events, I think Fury could grow.

Now for the crushing blow, I think Funcom should allow a short term One time transfer from Crom to Fury to allow anyone that plays on Crom only because “Fury is dead”. This should be timed with the end of SAGA of Blood and free.


Yep I agree need a free transfer option I haven’t played on fury for years due to lack of population but if there’s gonna be some activity there I’ll put a character there.


Fury is and has been game over from long. Saga will make it a little more busy due to the merge, but saga is dead too. The pvp in this game does not work because overall this is a pve game. Fury has never been populated as crom, and probably it will never be.


The PvP works just fine except for the fact that we Europeans have high ping all the time and there are cheaters and no way for us to get rid of them. In fact, PvP is much better than PvE in this game. Afterall, this game was released as a PvP game…

Except for just a few encounters, all the PvE content in the game are long, boring, static fights, where everyone just bunches up and presses buttons, whereas PvP is always different and dynamic.

I hope Fury stays alive after Saga, because Crom minis are terrible most of the time because of the two infamous AFK griefers.


The game has no anti lag or anti cheat feature, so why do you say the pvp works better than the pve?

The fact that crom has always been more populated than fury indeed proves that players prefer the pve over the pvp in this game. The combo system itself is definitely a PvE feature and not a PvP feature.

Classes having long combos will always have a problem with class that have no combo at all like the rogue ranger or the sin, not to mention the nec and his short casting time.

I see many PvE instances based on team work, but when it comes to PvP i just see some minigames full of cheats, sieges that have never been that good, and random pvp raids that are gone with the players. If fury has been dead for so long it wont probably change. In a matter of facts there is more pvp on crom at the moment.


There aren’t as many cheaters as you may think, at least in Crom, and the matter of combos vs casts, I think the classes are balanced for PvP. You can kill any class with any other class, although some are harder than others. The problem with sieges is the horrible framerate, which I know a friend of mine is discouraged from participating in them by it, and then the latest ghost sieges, which aren’t punished, unlike in the past.

The only problem with PvP is that there is no control for cheating, serious exploiting and mini sabotage, and that’s Funcom’s fault, not the game’s, because this game under a different company would shine.


First of all Crom has not always been more populated than Fury, I’m pretty sure that for the first 2-3 years there were more players on the pvp servers than on the pve servers, but there was a serious neglect in content for pvp that just made players leave and go to other games. Doubt Crom would have any players left at this point if the only content released since launch would’ve ended at t2, which is the equivalent of what the pvp side of the game got for the longest time.

As for cheaters, there are for sure some, but way less than “i just see some minigames full of cheats” and the lack of teamplay is a very obvious side effect of not being able to sign with other people.

As for balance I find it funny that you consider 2 of the weakest classes in proper premades (sins and rangers) to have an advantage.


I guess he named those two classes because, for scrubs a class that can pubstomp randoms and bad players are “op classes”

In the end Ranger sin and dt are worst classes in pvp :stuck_out_tongue:
There is no situation where other classes could not fill their role in proper pvp.
(not saying that they are “bad” just saying that other classes do their job better")


What class would be better then dt in his role within pvp?


This is exactly why Fury and retroactively all the other pvp servers died. There was never a lot of pvp updates given to this game. There were only four throughout the games lifespan: Bori, Sag, Festival of Bloodshed (fob), and Pit Master’s Arena.

To which only fob can be argued as a successful content update.

Compare that to all the pve content released for the game which I cannot begin to list, because there is so much, and a clear picture can be drawn as to why pvp servers died.

The game works extremely well for pvp. It was sold back in 2008 as a pvp game. It has been said time and time again that this is some of the best pvp in an mmo out there in terms of the mechanics in the game. It is why people keep coming back to this game. Does it need some balance tweaks? Sure. But overall it plays well.


Conq and guard

Dt lack any sort of mobility, lack of cc resist, horrible range, bad cc’s (fear is interrupted by everything due to long cast). Dt’s dmg is completly random, you can smash people for an hour dealing 0 dmg, or you can 2 hit them to death with one combo.
Dt can just be ignored 90% of time by kiting or litelary cc locking it pretty much permanently, also the only tank class that lacks bubble and can be melted from 100% to 0% in matter of few combos.

Meanwhile we have conq that I doubt requires much explanation, can either be a bully with brute spec and pretty much immortal with selfheal and bubbles
Or then in carnage spec where has aoe kb built into charge and same burst potential as assassin has. (with high cc resists)

or then guard that has ridicilously high reach and passive cc resists (bubble), and has capability of 1-2 shotting clothies, handsdown best flag carrier due to long reach and passive 5% speed bonus from vengance. Boring and very very simple / bland to play :stuck_out_tongue:

“but dt has…” no it does not.


I’ve been playing in carnage spec lately and, if you use the chargekb as support, it’s just the best cc in the game in my opinion. Conq has it all. :grin:

I was going to say guard is bad for duels, but, yeah, for minis it’s very good.


You have some nice arguments, but still I do enjoy my dt in pvp very much, while I also have a conq and guard, I prefer the dt ( in some situations the conq is better with charge kb though).
I think in tight areas the dt shines as tank with it’s high dps.


Carnage conq has higher, reliable damage. Better CCs. All around excellent class.

The only point I disagree with is that ranger is bad in premades. The amount of CCs on that class makes it insane. You can pretty much cover your entire team with all the CCs. You just can’t play it like a PUB minigame ranger (sit in the back deadlydraw->pen shotting). Against caster stacks I think ranger can be exceptionally good.


I agree we need a free transfer back to fury.

pvprs want pve.

many of us transferred from fury to crom when fury died in like '10 or '12.

for fury to be reborn the pve will need to relaunch there as well.

for this we need to transfer.

if funcom goes for the cash grab on 20 dollar transfers fury wont last the month.


You mean free transfers from Crom to Fury? That actually makes sense, maybe for a limited time. For the pvpers who came here when Fury started to die, for me I saw it happen when Rage merged and I know even then Fury was past it’s prime


Ya cause otherwise all those who bailed on fury and would love to come back wont cause they are cheap ■■■’s or broke. If fury is going to live we will need to offer them a route home. As it is it’s a long shot. Fun com can get their 20 bucks when they xfer to crom


This is an excellent opportunity for FC to show PVPers some loving! Offer free transfers back to Fury…Players are very likely to maintain characters in both places…

Come on, Mussagana…it’s a great idea!


That’s what I am saying… Welcome back to Fury limited time special. Come on Funcom/Andy give us a bone… This is the ONLY way Fury lives.


Well, i’m ready pay for transfer on Fury if it will become alive again… Crom server always was for pve crabs, mini’s on it most of time are afwul, pvp servers always were much interesting… But we have so low pvp player’s population not cause “cheaters”, “most of players prefer pve” no, lol. The real reason is that for most new players this pvp system is too hard and they go in casual corean games. It’s problem of people, all wanna easy way, don’t wanna raise their skill in game. For them much easier when they was farmed by somebody call him “cheater” than agree that he is better in skill. And let’s be honest, most players does pve to be stronger in pvp, if u do pve for pve and moreover speak about pvp u have problem with your head.