End of Saga - future of Fury



I’m really happy to see you all have high hopes for Fury once Saga of Blood is gone. I don’t like to be the glass is half empty person in the room but, Saga isn’t exactly booming atm either. Yes, it has a higher population of 6 that’s currently on Fury.

I agree a free transfer from Crom back to Fury might help the population but don’t offer free transfers from Fury to Crom. Make it at least some what hard to leave the low population server.

I guess only time will tell what the world holds for Fury once Saga is gone.


Some people got banned from saga is what I heard.


Banned? Really? What did they do?


uber conq speed


Well, it’s about time they finally ban the hackers.


yeah but now zero mini games on saga


You can’t tell me 1 person that hacks was the killer of minis on Saga.


I think the important thing to remember is saga was booming. It had at peak 1000 online. Just proves what could be. Minis were popping 24 7 with 3-4 simultaneous sets. Many more statistics prove that Fury COULD relaunch if we wanted to.


no thing as a relaunch without significant changes to minis with trolls/cheaters ruining them, and lack of buddy signups (which is paramount to building guild rivalries that then will be prevalent in open world pvp aswell)

dont count community-driven stuff. we need a solid pug-system so people dont have to invest several hours for initiating things.

other issues aswell, such as RF ring dominance + flag pickup bug


Lets add flag picked from hide to this


The bigger issue is the whole “getting damaged does not interrupt picking up the flag”. If you see someone going for the hide pickup, just CC and do Combos on the flag. It’s a visual error, but the player is still next to the flag, and can be damaged if you attack that location.


haha this worked for me today :smiley:


What is the reason Saga still hasn’t ended?


I am aware of this, but majority are not and that is the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

dmg issue is far worse thou


Or the lack of any sort of autobalance in lack of friend-signup.


Auto balance is tough, because kills don’t really tell the whole story. In order for auto balance to occur, new system would need to be implemented in order to ensure auto balanced doesnt just auto-ruin games. I think a full MMR system would be excellent, though.


A system that analyzed mini stats of players and thus autobalanced according to that would work fine. But autobalance should work all mini long. If 2 ppl left from a team, one from the other team would be put in the former for balance. In theory, if this worked, alongside an anticheat system, and votekick as players’ last resource, and even an AFK autokick system, damn, what a game it would be. It’s nice to dream…


I still think dividing the playerbase will severely hurt the game. They should just merge servers and add PvP imstances for all areas. This will require some work from Funcom but at the very least it will guarantee that the playerbase won’t suffer. Not only that, i wholeheartedly believe it will greatly benefit the game as it won’t block one type of players from doing the other type of content.


Who are you in Crom?


I dont even know you lol