End of Saga - future of Fury



Who are you in crom?


the basic idea is good but has a conceptual error as big as the sea. Imagine that the blue team is losing, two people leave the team for this and the system gets you from red team, you’re winning 2-0 to get you into the losing team. I would be pissed to death


It is a curiosity. You have a lot of ideas and it’d be good to know who you are in game for reference.

I’m Guise in game. I have nothing to hide


Going to weed out alot of the quitters and the whinners. If you’re agreeing to do this then wimp out, well that says something about that player then doesn’t it? Gonna seperate the men from the boys here


I think that it might be a good idea to have a surrender feature in minigames. It would help in cases where one team is overpowered by the other team. It would help avoid leavers and stop wasting ppls time. The other team wins ofc just doesnt get to be feeded.


When we do tournament mode and it’s obviously not balanced we do a quick cap out then mix it up. But if you’ve ever played MOBA’s or gone into a RF recently you know that any kind of voting system is gonna be a crap shoot most of the time


True, sadly. Well, luckily for me, i prefer pve so i face those issues far less. Still, a surrender oprion in minis would be great.


What we need is cheaters and griefers getting banned, a minimum type of autobalance, and, trust me, a lot of pvpers will come back to the game. The problem with minis today, people giving up, adding up to the AFKing, etc. it’s all due to this fact: we are all so burnt by these couple of griefers who ruin 9 out of 10 minis, and then having to fight cheaters, and there’s no autobalance and one team is tremendously stronger than the other. These rule-breakers affect our mood. How wouldn’t they? We are burnt. Plus, new servers, less people in each server,… there are simple more effective ways to fix the game.


we could start by giving both teams healers if there is two or more of them signed in, it is ridiculous one team to have 2 and other has 0, especially when the team with x2 healers has necro in team, making sure that no one from the other team have any chance of ever having more than 20% of hp because of dots


Or disable any sort of healing abilities? That would be fun. But then we would have to diaable bubbles as well…


And the only classes that would be playable after that would be necros, demos and rangers
no thank u


All classes are viable in this situation. If you beoudve otherwise, you just lack experience with them.


If you think I lack experience in any class in this game in any situation, U do not know me or the pvp community


Whoa Sleves just ran from the challenge of Duel by Professor!?


Could you please stop pretending you know everything about this game, or more than the rest, when you look like a new player? At least from what I’ve seen being in the same group as you and discussing conq class with you. Just, please, don’t. Plus, I’ve seen you in PvP; you are far from having a say on anything about PvP.


I think we are way off in the weeds here. The thread is about: When Saga Ends, Free Transfers from Crom To Fury to keep PvP a happening thing.


The most funny thing is that u can write here anything what u want, about what u dream and other things, but all give a f**k, reallity is: u play mini’s and another pvp or not. Since 2008. U are ownmachine or not :smiley: U are ***** aka afker aka cheater or u are super team player. All make their decisions who they wanna be! Age of Conan!


What did I just read?


Inquiring minds wanna know


Well it does sound as stupid as him, so maybe.