End of Saga - future of Fury



What’s up with all the aggression? Whenever I enter a thread, I see good ol Pattoson whining, raging, or calling people bad ( but usually a combination of smug superiority and whine ). English is probably not that guy’s first language. If you don’t understand a post, you don’t have to call the person stupid immediately.

I don’t think it’s Bilbo. He has a very unique way of talking.


I believe its called being Elitist


You’re right. I’m too negative.

Gosh! I can’t wait to get to play in Fury, with Bulba, and the probable others who are as good, so I can learn how to be swift and brave, and rejoice with the friendly gatherings hosted by Vendetta. I’m so glad I play this beautiful game; it’s full of nice people and everything works so perfectly. So much that I’m considering trying to become as swift and brave myself! I believe this does not come for free, but perfection is so tempting, and I just want to be a part of this fair and peaceful world!


Pato can I have your babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


actually i think Buttons and Pato should get together and have babies…thats the best reply to the original thread yet.


There’s a difference between being negative or positive and just being a wiener.

There are many issues in this game and community. I fail to see how calling someone that is trying to communicate in a 2nd or 3rd language an idiot accomplishes anything.


I agree…Pato you are a good guy and have always been fun to fight. Everyone here wants to help progress and create a great environment for fury.

There is an elephant in the room here.

Some people want to see the saga folks come back to crom…they have reasons related to pve and pvp population.

Others want to rebuild fury, myself and Stygga includes. It wont be easy especially if funcom wants to eek 600 points out of people to xfer back to fury if they want to help. Fortunately, the saga toons are in good shape.

If I am able to pull my friends and some rprs back to fury and others help we might have the ability to do pve and pvp …who knows maybe some rp. With a limited game player base what might the effect on crom be? I saw this before in 2011. Alot of people transferred from crom from fury because they heard we were doing alot of pvp and sieges. What we need now is that same encouragement and support. All those who love pvp good or bad should want to help fury live again. One thing saga left me with is proof we can rebuild it. I also was left with the lasting love for pvp in all zones EXCEPT border kingdoms.

That gives me a thought though. What if we had a rolling pvp zone on crom? So the pvp event would roll to other zones like it does now. And when its there that pve zone goes to pvp! Wow…princely idea! …1 server…rolling pvp zone. Done.



Forgive me but I did not understand this point, why you say that is need 600 funcom points to go to Fury? All the characters of the Saga of Blood will go for free on Fury, so potentially everyone will have one character on Fury and if ever those who want to go on Crom at all costs will have to pay 600 funcom points to move the PG Saga from Fury to Crom so this should discourage a mass evacuation a little bit


Sorry for my bad english. I’m afraid you misunderstood me. I wanted to joke. My thought was that cheaters, afkers and other players would remain whatever funcom did. Bad people are everywhere. The only thing that remains is to love this game or go to the slack. I have a lot of experience playing it and I can confidently say that the chances of us being heard by the developers are zero. I have been playing Age of Conan since 2011, very often I went into a slack for similar problems and reasons that you are experiencing, but I still come back, because this game is very good. Fury can come to life again and it will be just fine for PVP players. Because the Crom server without PVP in the zones is very dull.


Its not the saga xfers that will revive fury. Its the possibility of CROM xfers that are essential


I think the developers have illustrated with saga 1 and 2 they are both interested and still find aoc a worthy project. They have listened in the past (ie making border kingdoms ftp accessible was a personal campaign that eventually resulted in success). You wont know if you dont try


ok make sense, now i got it


so…can fury char xfer to crom yet??


after saga closes lol


@Garrus-N7 i think the question was regarding the transfer block which was introduced due too massive cheating on t3 crafts on the pvp servers.


that hasnt existed since they merged deathwish. Nobody cares about exploits.


I watched the live stream today and several people asked if we would get Free Transfers back to Fury. The question was never answered. I take this to mean “No”. I am disappointed. I paid to move off of Fury, I am not paying again to move back.


No. Simply put, they cant answer those things. You should listen before you talk. From what i garnered they could only talk about the new cotnent not what is to come


Dont lose heart. Keep asking. They wanted pvp to live again or they would not have made saga. Im sure they see what we see


Hey these servers arent paying for themselves