Why I think saga should NOT end


SAGA was for new pvprs.

Experienced pvprs seem to have had fun as well.

Fury doesn’t offer the same xp and token boosts.

New players wanting to learn PvP and gear up should be on saga.

If there are still new pvprs interested in aoc this is their chance.

I still see people under PvP 10.

Let it go as long as possible. I don’t think fury merger will help these people as all.

Full AA full gear pros will crush them out of the game with old toons.

Let saga continue


Saga has taken a huge hit since the holiday season. All I ever see going is some minis.


If Saga is going to continue, let us create more than one Saga Player on the same account…


If they were to keep Saga going I’d sadly probably roll another DT :frowning: I can never seem to get away from being a tank.


I am back from vacation. I will mobilize the armies. Once EOS forms…USB will come like sharks…when USB comes…khopshef will come. And then latins will come…then the rest will come

Remember we are all still here.

We are capable of doing whatever we wish.

Any one for rp pvp???


Having full AA and being lvl 10 vs a toon in Saga right now, from the beginning in Saga and playing regularly, even if not lvl 10, isn’t that much of a difference. If some of these new pvpers are F2P, then of course they lack AA’s because the game doesn’t give expertise points per pve lvl to F2P and you get less xp and tokens in general, which is something that should be looked into in my opinion, especially the points per level. I bought an insta80 long ago when I was F2P and I got no expertise points when I should have had 79.


The AA you get from leveling up is not sufficient to get even close to a competitive level


No, but it puts you halfway there, unlike 0 points which basically makes you totally useless.


As a returning pvper, i hope saga stays Open. Have Better geared and AA characters on Fury and Crom, but this is how a pvp server should always be. Im affraid when / if saga ends, I Will leave again:(


Saga is helping level the stupid playing field funcom came up with when they implemented PvP levels and AAs. Yes a toon with these destroys one without. Especially when unexperienced.


There are plenty fury players with non pvp10 characters. I dont see why saga should stay open to have all players level up to pvp10 and full aa fast


Saga started more than 3 months ago! The goal is not a full time server. It has to end and that’s all :frowning:


I would imagine pvpers having plenty of chars on fury with years n years of progress, nullifying those chars on a dead server doesnt seem that nice


My necro on fury that I had played for 4+ years with 44k kills and full t3 (it was good when I was playing, alright?!) does not have even close to as many AAs as my 3 month old Saga necro.

Is that a bad thing?
Absolutely not. Playing on Saga was fantastic, and it was much less of a grind. AAs flowed freely, letting everyone progress at a rapid pace.

Saga has really proven how much more fun the game is when everyone is on a level playing field. Honestly, for PvP, the Saga Ruleset is far superior than Fury’s.


I didnt mention any rulesets, but i agree that lowering the progressionlevel on pvp is the way to go since its the gameplay that should carry the interest for pvp not AA gains. Its quite silly how new players not only have the uphill battle of being newb, but also need to fight swords with a stick.

implementation of saga rulesets on fury alternatively move all fury chars to saga would be a better option then leaving plenty of chars on fury while ppl continue to play only their new char on saga.


Not fury to saga please… dont wanna redo the city :frowning:


I’m just worried that without the rapid progression of a saga like environment we won’t have new players join the mix. I’m one of the games worst pvprs and I have full pvp 10 full AAs on saga. I’m not sure what anyone left behind on fury but whatever it was (other than OP rings) you can get it fast on saga.


With regular rule set you can get to pvp 10 also in couple months on fury. Just takes some dedication and stacking of xp skulls.
I think we have had the big influx of new players, due to all attention saga had in the media. This wont continue, even if you keep saga open. Funcom has to think of new tricks to attract new players, and better , to keep them. I think having pvp 10 full AA in few weeks is not so good as there is lack of progression afterwards.


With the Saga rule set, what takes months on fury takes roughly 2 weeks on Saga. The best parts of PvP aren’t the grinds to pvp10!


That’s not a fact but a personal opinion. I personally enjoy the progression. I have multiple pvp 10 toons, but keep playing my low level ones on fury. Also, the difference between pvp 10 and pvp 6-10 isn’t that big. Still very well possible to own pvp 10 with pvp 6 in duels or group pvp, depending on the skill.