Saga LVL 80, Saga Quest Rewards, and Saga AA levels

I think it would be really cool if we could progress at the saga rate on the standard servers.

The rewards gained from getting lvl 80 and completing the saga quests on the saga server should be account wide. This would really incentivize users to continue to play once the server is over. The pvp xp and prowess/mastery modifiers would go a long way in helping players level up there other characters.

Additionally, I think it would help bridge the gap greatly if on the standard aoc servers the AA leveling worked the same way as on saga (8 expertise instead of 1 expertise + 3 Prowess/Mastery). On the standard server it takes way to long to reach a decent AA progression. Honestly the game has been out for a long time and if I were a fresh player on the standard servers I would be very discouraged by the overwhelming gap.



The gap isn’t that big, especially for premium players. I leveled up my alts in a couple months on fury.

I only agree that journey from 1-80 should be way faster, as pre 80 game is utterly boring. The rest, I disagree. Especially AA. AA is totally end game, and is meant to be a grind.

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You’re thinking like a veteran player. Saga brought in a lot of new people and players who only played before the major changes in the game took place. They don’t know all the ways to get fast AAs. This change will facilitate them.

It is a good suggestion and will help bridge the gap from old players and new ones especially in pvp.


No, AA should never be fast grind. It’s top end game stuff. I am thinking like a vet and I know I am correct in this case. It’s like you’re trying to introduce another case of RF. Maybe have a purchase for all of AA unlock? (sarcasm)

They can definitely reduce the AA grind some (25% less, maybe a bit more). And this is coming from somebody who has played since launch of the game in 2008 with 20 80’s, almost all of which have had fully filled out AA’s for years, so I’m the very definition of an “elitist veteran”.

You want a steady stream of newbloods coming in. Of those that come in only a few will stay. Addressing the AA grind will increase player retentio so even more will stay. Big picture stuff here

Top endgame stuff is content to do not content to grind. That is the key to success in any good multiplayer game. It is about replayability. It is why people still que up for the same five mini games even though they are fully geared and don’t need the pvp xp or the AA xp. Cause it’s fun


Do you like having an arbitrary advantage over new players? Why are you against making it easier for new people to catch up?


Thats all Euro players care about honestly.

I think lumping all Europeans together like that is a bit like …
Well I’m not gonna say what it’s like :slight_smile:

I think they could lower the cost of the main-perks that kinda define what your class is endgame, but the small “increase x by 1%” stuff could just stay as they are cos it doesnt matter much, so might aswell farm for it abit.

Delete all aa’s
Delete all runes

Make Mini games great again


And let us sign up for minis with friends again.


Remove AA = Much harder PvE, pointlessly harder.

At most you mean disable AA and probably a better idea to disable gear in minigames as well.