How to get this Saga-Of-Blood-character to Crom

Hey there. For me important question. I just play on Crom. After Saga, will the character autmatically switched to Fury or is it possible to choose ?
I heard, it is not possible to switch from Fury to Crom?

Toons will be moved to Fury. Once in Fury, you can pay for a transfer from Fury to Crom (i think it cost for about 5€)

What we know by default all end up on Fury. But you can spend some FC points (not much but I forgot exact value) to transfer back to Crom after that.

What about the transport barrier from Fury to other server because of the exploits, they had ?

It wasn’t from Fury. :wink:

Ok fine ^^

How about leave the character on Fury so we as a community can revive it?

Nothing worse then having the pvp server dead and just having to sign up for mini maps all day on crom.

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yes, the server is dead. everyone should stay on fury :slight_smile:

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im an truly considering staying on fury. It will depend on if we can pve there and rp.


There will be pve…I don’t know about rp

Agreed. Crom is stale. Open world pvp and the impromptu battles and drama that come from it is the best part of this game. A shame there wasn’t more of it at 80, but it still happens.

Hopes that Funcom find new creative ways to encourage more open world pvp in zones

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