Saga's character transfer goes to what server?


I tried to find something about this on the forum but I couldn’t, so here it goes:

As the title says. Since this is a PVP event, does that mean my character will be transferred to the Fury server when it ends? Or can we choose the server where it goes? I ask this because I would like to move it to Crom, since I’m more of a PVE player, and wonder how much I should invest in the character.

Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks in advance.

Funcom said Fury when they released information about saga of blood. I’ve heard nothing to the contrary.
They do have the option of paying for character transfers.

It’s a pity, but I’ll try to enjoy with it anyway. I’ll have to find a good class for my miserable PVP skills, though. Maybe I’ll ask in the ‘Classes’ subforum.

Thank you for your answer, Kwalya.


We have a PvE-guild on Fury if you are interested when you get there :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, server merges are generally same-ruleset merges.

However, should you not like Fury after saga of blood is merged into it, a transfer to Crom costs 600 points, or around $5 USD. Idk when they changed it but transfers used to cost 1200 points. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info, Chanya and Amelias. Food for thought. I will try for while this PvP thing. I’m mostly on Saga for the character slot, the vanity armor, and contributing in what I can, helping Funcom maintain the game.

I’m the kind of person, when walking about an horror infested dungeon and tripping on another player in great peril, to give instantaneous assistance and then move on. Really don’t feel comfortable when every time I go into some place on a quest, some rascal five or more levels above is waiting to kill me. But, with that being said, I admit that it provides a certain excitement to the game, trying to go unnoticed here and there, see if that bloke is a threat or a potential ally, etc. I many ways is in more synchrony with the Hyborian Age and Robert E. Howard’s Conan. I do prefer to enjoy the story and the world’s vistas without the stress of being clobbered or decapitated, but let’t see where does it go.

I didn’t know the transfer price was just five bucks (or around that in Euros, since I’m European). I’ll consider it if get a good amount of financial slack when the server ends or afterwards. I’m unemployed, so I can only enjoy the game as a free player. These days I cannot afford that luxury, even for such a small amount. I know I owe it to Funcom, for taking advantage of their people’s hard work, but for now there’s nothing I can do. Really wish I could.

Either way, thanks again for the advices. Will ponder on them.