Is it possible to move your character from Saga to Crom?

I’m sure someone probably asked this but I havent found a post with this exact question; just people asking about similar things. Anyways, I am new to AoC and of course just clicked on the flashy “JOIN SAGA” button instead of going with the normal PvE option. I didn’t know that it was a PvP server, hence this post, and I’ve done a lot of work on my toon before I was randomly attacked by some stupid person twice! I guess “she” felt because she was a super high lvl that she could take pleasure in killing me multiple times. I absolutely HATE PvP in any game because ppl are ■■■■■■■■ and its only rare that you’ll ever find someone cool to talk to or work with. Can I move my girl? If not, then I guess I’ll just stick to Conan Exiles on my private server.

You will be moved from saga to fury today. After that you can buy a transfer to crom for 600 funcom points from the website. That might imply a free/forced name change if your name is already in use.

Here’s the post you were looking for: Saga of Blood Closes February 19: What to Expect

Pretty much you’ll go to Fury and then when the dust settles … tomorrow. you can do a transfer over to Crom where you won’t have to worry about Pvp unless you actively go out looking for it.

Saga characters get transferred to Fury first. After that move you can purchase a change server to move from Fury to Crom if you wish.