Returning Player 2553

Hi all,

I am planning to return to the game I used to play in th hyperborean server, are there anything similar? Is still hard to get groups going on? And what about minigames are they still popping?


Crom server is about all there is. There are groups/ raids that happen, sometimes it takes awhile to fill depending on time of day and interest.

PvP minis do happen sporadically, but I cannot say much as I have pretty much retired from them for a number of reasons.

As I understand, Fury server is mostly dead, I have not logged on their for a long time.

PvP festival does happen once a month on Crom. As to how active it is, I cannot say either as I quit at PvP 8.

Hope this helps, welcome back.

Depends what you’re after, and what time zone you’re from. If you like a balance of both pvp and pve, and are from European time zones, Crom is the way to go. Minis pop all day during European hours, and there’s always some PvE happening.

If you’re one of the few American players remaining that enjoys PvP, Fury offers more PvP. PvP on Crom is completely dead after 5 PM PST. However, there is still a lot of PvE on Crom regardless of the timezone. Unfortunately, you have to make an explicit choice if you’re from America because there’s absolutely no PvE on fury, and no PvP on Crom.


On Crom mini games are popping all day and night.
It is not many people playing pvp, but there is enough for 1 or 2 mini games going at all time.

So in primetime we have 2 mini games, and at night its 1 mini game going.

This is ok, but dont except to fight new people. Its the same 12-24 doing pvp every day :slight_smile:

No there are no mini games after 8 pm if you’re NA