Hello from the past

Hello everyone, super old Fury vet here,

I was bored and was scrolling through old steam screenies from past games and came across my Guard that was once upon a time a real flag carrying menace and massacre machine :smiley:

Most of minis were random joins, with some premade vs premade fights.

Wanted to share it here as a part of history and ask how ya’ll doing, is the game still somewhat alive?



Hey there.

I remember you, but you may not remember me because I was a noob and a loner back then (guard, Shainah) but I think you quit before the significant merges (with RP servers and all other EU servers and finally with US servers) which gave Fury a very significant revival, but of course that didn’t last forever.

Fury hasn’t had regular minigames for 3 or more years now, it’s just duels and small open world fights every now and then (12v12 or more is very rare but can happen during week-ends and pvp festival week*). Crom has pug minigames at EU hours mostly every day - but balance and overall quality is really low and it’s a very small number of players participating, so it often happens that games die for hours (or a day) because of some drama with a couple of people. And also it tends to be just… simply boring. For example when there are no healers signing up and a bunch of t6 necros/demos/rangers, yeah it’s just not fun for anyone then and forget about the objectives or any kind of teamplay.

Sieges got better until they got broken again (attackers cannot win if defenders are not afk now) so they haven’t been a regular thing for years, premades are possible with the right people around, but that’s almost never nowadays. You might get some one day, and then nothing for weeks/months again. The last ones we had… 3 months ago (can link you videos).

*3rd wednesday of every month, there are daily pvp quests available in a select open world zone (border kingdom only on Crom) that give a huge amount of exp and tokens (more than Bori ever did), so it draws players. A lot will just “farm” (yea, will remind you of Bori) and avoid actual pvp, but it is possible to make teams and fight and on Fury there is actually a lot of action during that week though it may be at very late hours for EU players. It’s very random, since there are people from all around the world on both Crom and Fury now.

As for the game itself, it’s still AoC with its great and unique combat system and pvp can still be incredibly fun, like nothing else out there. Of course game has changed since you last played - the servers have been moved to the USA and almost everyone had to learn to play again with a higher latency. Bugs have been fixed - but new ones and new exploits have also been found, of course.

You won’t have some of the latest OP pve items and classes have changed a bunch as well, I think balance is actually the best it has ever been class wise (IMO) but gear wise it is all over the place once again because after revamping pvp gear to make it the best for pvp…well they added new pve gear (t6, rf/chaos rings) that is totally OP for pvp. However, all 3 tank classes are competitive and playable in full pvp 10 gear so for you it wouldn’t be too bad at least.

(I didn’t talk about pve because I don’t remember you doing much of it, but Crom has an active pve community and it can keep someone busy for a while, especially since there would be a lot of totally new content for someone like you. )

Hey buddy, your name does ring the bell, I think I remember you.

I played in Afternoon Delight, Nastrandir and Avalon… during and after the first merge with RP PvP servers, not during the US merges tho. These screenshots according to Steam were 2013, so I guess i played a bit after that and then stopped.

Sieges were broken, and fixed a little, bit later on, and there were few keeps like Futilez had and Nastrandir, that on some given days played almost flawlessly and I had so much fun, too bad they didnt fix it completly, it would be blast to play them.

Keshatta open pvp was great and Bori was worst content ever created, but fights Nastrandir vs Futilez for the zone were one of the best fights I experienced. :slight_smile: Also, still have some great memories from low lvl pvp in White Sand, Zelata and Fields of the Dead.

True about me and pve, didn’t do much of it but mostly because Fury didn’t have many guilds doing high lvl raiding, we were barely doing t3s back then, so I played what I could. Kithai was cool sometimes aswell.

Ah, the nostalgy is real.

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Ah 2013 I was fairly active and beginning to have some real nice friends to play with (and actually learned to play :joy: ), and yeah that would be after EU merges at least, pretty fun times.

Merges with US servers brought some really fun pvp rivalries for a while (premades etc.) but made tons of EU pvpers quit and Fury never recovered from that. Crom population also took a hit of course but at least pve community kept it going (and still does).

Game is in a rough shape for pvp focused players but it’s not totally impossible to play and have fun, it’s just not 24/7/365 quality pvp. You have to look for it and be in touch (Discord mostly) with the right people and keep expectations low. Then you can have fun, and sometimes even very high quality, competitive pvp.

PVP in AOC has long been neglected
Some things to know.

1.Fury is a ghost town server, It’s dead all.the.time…

2.Crom is 90-95% pve focused, so if you enjoy pve then this is the game for you.

3.The only PVP you’ll get on fury is duels and the super rare zerg, plus everyone belongs to one of two guilds. Vendetta or United Sexy Boys (U.S.B.). No idea how that name stuck for so long tbh.

4.On Crom there’s super imbalanced minis and the duel pit in the field of the dead. No premades because people are scared they’ll get bent over and taken for a ride on the wild side. Minis are either lost temple or hallowed vaults. Nobody plays the other three maps ever.

5.almost everyone on both servers wears t6 gear and goes around acting like they’re good. T6 necros, demos sins etc can practically one shot non tank classes with ease. The damage caused to the pvp side of the game is worse than bori could have ever imagined by far.

  1. On Mondays and Tuesdays PVP dies completely on both servers because everyone is busy farming raid finder which equates to dumbed down versions of raids that offer shards which allow you to buy even more overpowered pvp gear known as RaidFinder (RF) rings.

  2. World boss (WB) week also causes a major disruption in PVP activity, and consists of an event that lasts 7 days where a raid boss like creature will spawn in a random zone and people will hit it like a big candy pinata til it spills its candy. Folks will literally sit on the pad waiting for spawns, not daring to queue for minis or do anything else productive with their lives for fear they’ll miss a chance at the trash loot it drops.

8.pvp festival is once a month and that’s the peak of pvp activity on both servers. it begins the 3rd Tuesday of each month around 8pm est, then runs for 7 days. Crom usually sees more activity than fury during this week but lately it’s been slow going. Next festival begins the 17th of this month.

  1. Sieges are (attempting to) making a slight comeback, albeit the PvEers hate the idea of having to defend their battle keep (why even have one in that case?). Sieges are now capped at 24v24 instead of the 48 vs 48 it used to be.

10.louis is still very much a bootlicking naab.

You can get a straightforward rundown on the state of the game here.

All that being said, If you quit previously because you were unhappy about the state of the game at the time, you’re not going to love it now. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

Caveat Emptor, and Welcome back on the off chance you do decide to stick around a bit. It can be enjoyable to a degree, but as Louis said, keep expectations super low and you wont be too disappointed.