LF NA guild on Fury

As the title says, looking for a NA pvp guild to play with on fury. Just started the game and want to give it a good kick

Probably wanna reroll and join crom…Fury has like…5 people on average.

While the post above is rather exaggerative, if you don’t play during EU hours then Fury can seem like a ghost town at least 3 weeks out of every month. The one week it does pick up is pvp festival week.

During Eu hours however Fury does see a surge in activity.

That being said, The problem with Fury for new and returning players aside from the lower population of the two servers, is that there is little to 0 pve/raiding dungeon runs etc. So you will end up missing out on all of that pve content.

Fury is a desolate pvp enthusiast wasteland. If all you wish to do is pvp to your hearts content then come to Fury! We are always looking for more meat for the grinder.

If you wish to experience the other “exciting” aspects of the game such as PVE, then you’ll want to be on Crom.

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Exaggerative but to the point Lord Spreadicus!