Just got back into the game, looking for friends/guild level 34 Herald on Fury. Also information about my experience

I played the game when it first released, and once more before it became unchained I think, now this is my 4th go.

I finally got into a fight, cause some dude just started attacking me. I got killed a lot but didn’t back down until I claimed victory over his naked body. It was such an enjoyable experience, although a little frustrating with the melee kiting going on, still learning my abilities so hopefully won’t be an issue later on.

The quests are fun to me, and I enjoy the solo dungeons for leveling, working on weaving currently so I can make cloth armor at level 40.

The group quests are incredibly difficult, and I haven’t found anyone to group with in lfg. Although I haven’t messaged anyone my level asking for help yet either. Hoping to have a guild to help with that soon.

All in all it’s a marvelous game and I’m surprised to see so few players, it is a bummer because some of the pvp seems to revolve around having a lot of players on, i haven’t experienced it yet though.

With being able to turn of xp at level 19, does that enable some sort of low tier pvp more people could get into perhaps? Lets get the blood flowing again Fury!

Anyways, if you want to fight, or group or hang out hit me up on dragrimos.
And thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Fury is pretty much dead. That’s why you’ve seen so few players and couldn’t find people to group.

If you’re not 100% about open world pvp, I would suggest rerolling a toon on Crom where 95% of the population is.

Almost level 50 now on fury, I don’t mind the lower population for questing. I thought it might be hard to progress through zones with out doing the dungeon/group quests, but there are plenty regular quests around to complete.

I also heard a similar response on reddit, I play another mmorpg so I can hop back and forth. I really enjoy the PvP in this game, and still see people asking questions in NPH and leveling in the starter zone, there is hope yet!

Fury pvp at lvl 80 is still alive. Just the leveling might be a bit boring without groups. Just have to enjoy the solo content until level 80 and then enjoy the pvp fun