Need Fury friends lol

Anyone play on Fury or in a clan? Can’t find anyone to play with aha

What’s your name on Fury?

Do you need a guild? :slight_smile:

I’ll invite you if needed!

Dendo is my name on Fury. Guildless too… Was in a guild and quite a few friends back in 08-2010 or so I think but logged in and they’re all gone :cry:

So sure, an invite and new friends would be great LOL

I’ll invite you Dendo! :slight_smile:

Are you going to try out the new Saga of Blood server anything as well?

Looking forward to the invite. I do have a brand new character on blood. Same name.

Just play on Saga for now. After the event ends Fury may see a resurgence of players since everyone on Saga will be moved there.

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If this were the case I’d be happy to dust off an old Fury toon.

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For sure m8. After saga we all come back to fury.

Yes after Saga is done in a few weeks, all come to Fury. :slight_smile:

Many people will end up on Fury and most of the crom players will migrate back to their safe place on crom. It will be interesting to see how many new/returning players stick around on Fury.

I hope many. Enemy or friend, all are welcome :slight_smile: would be nice to see another pvp guild on fury besides vendetta and usb

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