New PvP event schedule for Crom & Fury


I prefer having the event on every weekend rather than one week a month, so it would be great if this change could persist in the other servers. I’ve always thought I couldn’t get enough of the PvP event in Crom, especially if I can’t play some of those days.

  • Weekends (like in Saga)
  • One week a month (original)

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Hell run it all week like on saga now. Break up the pve grind a bit. If you dont like it dont participate. It literally affects you in no way if you dont want to do it


Another thing that should change is the wait time between events. The really short one in Saga is so much better.

In Crom you have to wait 15 minutes between events, and that’s too long to stay at the event and too short for a mini, while in Saga (and Fury?) it’s just 2-5 minutes, letting you play events all the time.


+1 from me
why not promote pvp in every way rather than dismiss it like it is now
if festvials will be more often i bet that it will produce more playerbase population and also revenew for FC - let it be store potions or other stuff


Saga of blood proves there is interest in pvp…alot of interest all funcom needs to do is set the stage. I’d like expanded global games.

To topic point…run daily


What’s important as well is to make sure that servers are finally joined. Divided populace is bad


I had a blast on Saga of Blood pre level 80. Level 80 I could care less and basically been taking a much needed AoC break. I was saddened that they jumped to 80 so quickly ;(