Why does the PVP festival need to end

At this point I only log on for one week every month to PVP, then I don’t really touch the game until next month.
Is there any reason why it would be bad to have the festival active more often? maybe even permanently? It worked well on Saga.


Well a lot of people still do play for the loot/xp. And they would get done with their xxxxxxx alts really fast then.

Might be busy and lively for a bit… and then be even worse than now where every 3 weeks you get a little resurgence of pvp that is somewhat reliable.

The other problem is, I fully expect Funcom to do absolutely nothing :smiley: .

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If more people on crom did sieges it would be good I think

what do sieges have to do with this??

Yeeahh no way funcom is doing anything at this point. I’m just sad I’ll have to play another game for a month until there’s pvp again :frowning:

I don’t think the extra time to farm events would be bad though. I wan’t everyone to have enough gear to be able to compete in pvp. More people get gear/AA and I get to fight them :smiley: win win!

Idk I can’t see the PVP festival losing it’s value that much if it was more frequent. As long as there’s something to fight for I think people will log on to fight for it.

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Sieges bring people out for pvp of course. Is that not your gripe? The fact that there is virtually 0 pvp except during festival week? Sieges are something the players can control. Sieges do not require Funcom to do anything. So consider it a suggestion to increase pvp activity, and go take your xanax.


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Back on topic, Funcom would never make a change that speeds up the progression process. They are in the business of milking every last penny out of their paying customers. You and I both know they took away the anniversary events not because they are lazy or no one there knows how to do it but because they realized they were allowing players to speedrun some of the longest grinds in the game.

The only way Funcom would ever see an uptick in population or attention would be to focus on players having fun rather than relying on excruciatingly long progression systems. And when it comes to pvp if you want players to have fun then there needs to be some hidden rating system so new players are playing against new players and veterans are playing against veterans. Mixing the two communities only creates frustrations for both new and veteran players.

They are fun so I hear. I think Spread even said he would log on to siege anytime. As for OP. Funcom is not going to invest another dime or drop of sweat into AoC. If you want to see more pvp, you should siege some battlekeeps with that guild of yours, Unified Pretty Lads I think ? If you’re just wanting more time to farm your alts in the pvp events then forget I said anything. I presumed that you wanted ways to increase pvp activity.

The majority of pvp mechanics are pointless on the large scale of a siege I really don’t find it fun. Well timed CC’s, clutch big heals, pro kiting, well done combo jumps and movement. None of it matters because both sides will be 90% ranger/demo/necro standing around a hole in the wall or mindlessly shooting tebuchets while some poor tank toils endlessly with his siege equipment that breaks immediately.
If people are into that then good for them but I was asking about the PVP festival. I think the scale of PVP during that is in the sweet spot where people have incentive to make somewhat big groups yet small enough scale that individual plays can be impactful. And there is good loot to fight over (unlike sieges)

I just don’t see why it would be bad for it to happen more often

It just doesn’t seem healthy when everyone stops playing after pvp week is over (on fury anyways)

When there’s nothing to fight for people don’t really fight

To me it feels like the pvp on fury isn’t fueled by the rewards of the events. It just keeps those few people that will bother doing them online long enough for others to log on to start fighting and hating on each other. I bet if fury had a place where they could hate on each other when they weren’t in the game it would get those people to log on even when the events aren’t going.

The issue with the hate based pvp is that it can be very snowbally. It usually ends before the fun begins. And my issue with fury has always been the struggle of trying to create pvp that is both fun and keeps people coming back. 80% of the server only wants to participate in pvp against the people they hate. And when you somehow convince them to do something different they are pretty much impossible to work with.

Well, think of it like the McRib. If it was always available, nobody would eat it. Make sense? I mean don’t get me wrong, I think pvp fest going nonstop could be interesting. I just don’t see it happening. Since it does happen one week out of the month, the pve’rs might be more inclined to set aside time for it rather than if it was always available.

BTW you got your wish, your battlekeep on fury is being sieged this sunday

Not sure what battle keep you’re talking about. I don’t even have a guild on Fury! I imagine it’s going to be a quiet time either way. Have fun! When you’re ready to siege on Crom, let us know.

Well it’s not my guild who’s sieging you I was just letting you know. Why does it have to be crom might I ask? I thought most of your characters were on fury?

Last siege you were in you were literally afk for 45 minutes taking bong rips in stealth as everyone was wondering where the trebs were

That’s not fun pvp you dild0

did you fail your communications class in college or something? Nobody was informed that spreadman was preoccupied and should not be given trebs

Don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you tell me how I’m a horrible person because i raided once. Also, you may have “passed” communication, but it clearly didn’t do you any favors.

Why did you guys flag my Comment as (Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected)

It was about the PvP event the Minigames and my opinion as to why i agree with the OP that the Event needs to be shut down. How is that Spam or advertisement or not relevant? Flag on what you disagree with or doesnt serve your interests? Pah… Bye bye

I wouldn’t take if personally lol. All it takes is literally one single person viewing a public forum to flag it

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