Siege Support & Ghost Sieges

Dear Funcom,

Please oh please help those of us that keep Battle Keeps from wasting our time with GHOST SIEGES. There is one guild in game that non stop sieges and only shows up the 30ish minutes of the siege window with a hand full of low level characters/alts of hers/his.

I’d like to make a suggestion since you’ve made some adjustments to sieges recently if you could make another much needed 1.

Please make it that if the attacking guild is not in zone EXAMPLE: 15 Minutes after siege window is open and active the defending guild wins the siege.

I feel there should be some punishment for not being to something you signed up for on time. You knew the time when you declared show up on time…not 30 minutes before the siege is over.

Thank you and I hope you look at this post

Loyal Age of Conan player


Let me guess… “You know who” is doing that crap again since he does not have the pvp saga server to entertain him?


I would add another requirement to this. Not only does the attacking guild need to be in the zone in a timely manner (15 minutes as you said above should be fine) but a certain player count threshold should be required. Having 1-2 people sit on the rez pad the entire time should be an offense.


You only lie to yourself, Satetka. Do proper sieges or do none at all. It’s a complete waste of time from your part for a lot of people. That’s how my guild and I gave up and lost our battlekeep after several ghost sieges. It got too annoying. We’d rather have no battlekeep than have our time wasted by someone who should be banned but isn’t. In fact, the few pvpers we have do pretty well without one, so… screw sieges. Git gud.


Real sieges are wonderful fun. Having been to many ghost sieges I can say they are not fun. I am saddened to see the return of the wasted ghost sieges that proclaim to be the savior of the game when in reality all it does is harm. :pensive:


Any pvp is fun when you have similar numbers. If the other side wants to ruin the fun by inviting rogue Angel’s, nightwolves, Somali, and more then it will be less fun. However, these wars for me are a string of many battles. Over time my numbers will grow and theirs will lessen. Over time we will be victorious.

I think more importantly there is pvp happening again and I plan to work hard step by step to provoke more of it.

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Really, you’re gonna sit here and lie about the number of players you had attacking? 5 players total, and not even showing up on time. As far as making it balanced, remember you attacked us, so we can defend our keep the best way we see fit

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Ghost sieging a keep at 1 to 3 am for the US players with a handful of people (including lowbies) wasn’t my idea of fun. But then I didn’t die for a change. Which says something also.

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It seems he never changes, even after all these years. No matter how much reporting you do to GMs, he will never get banned. Not even back when he and his friends were exploiting themselves inside geometry to keep from getting attacked during seiges.


You can’t blame defenders for inviting other guilds when you did the same thing.
Isn’t the whole thing about your guild to zerg people and have more numbers to try to win? I don’t think you want even numbers.

You’re saying you’re gonna siege them nonstop until they give up defending against afks, sounds fun…

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There were about 10 players defending. In another thread you talk about 30 people pvping. So either you had 20 people and would have outnumbered defenders or you are lying.
Your side scored 1 point in the whole siegefight, so I doubt you had 20 players on your side.

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I think it’s always fun to have balanced battles more than “both sides having equal numbers”. I don’t think a lot of EOS members would have fun against equal numbers of enemies. But if it was something like 16 vs 24, I think people would have a lot of fun.


Why do you pve folk need a battlekeep anyway? So you can top the parse in a RF?

Everybody wants the benefits of owning a battlekeep without any of the hassle. Just give up your battlekeep and you wont have to worry about it.

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I’m up for sieges like the next guy, but ghost sieges was not something advertised by funcom as a way to bring pvp back. I was in DKK, where sieges were mandatory, just like ■■■ whoppings. Showing up with 4 people with 35 minutes left at 3 am was a waste of time for all involved. If you want to siege fine, bring numbers to support it instead of wasting peoples time. If he didn’t bring adequate numbers, its not my duty to balance it.

You can burn down a bk with one man if the defenders aren’t there. What you call a waste of time can be easily construed as a strategy. Catch the defenders off guard and all. I mean I’m not a part of this ordeal but I see no wrong doing. If you want to hold a bk you get to reap the benefits and all the downside that comes with it. I:e you might have to waste your time every 3 days defending against an army that doesn’t show up, but once you don’t show up that 1 man army might just take your keep.

Oddly enough you only hear this complaint from Crom. :thinking:

Once again, flagging is not a downvote button.


Shouldn’t matter how bad the opposition is everyone is entitled to siege who are you elitists to say that EOS can’t seige whenever they want regardless of what their party consists of they are having a go. All I see here is cry babies scared off losing their precious battlekeep buffs

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Fiara has some serious long term minigame strategy going on.


The whole discussion about even numbers doesnt make any sense. You mention this because you want to make the suggestion you like to have a fair fight. So after the fight you would be able to say, we won with equal numbers!!!

A fair fight however is about balance. Key to balance is: gear, AA, class distribution, skill and numbers.

Only with balance between groups there will be a fair fight and fun on both sides, which is kind of the point when playing a GAME. When you know the other team has new players in their group, don’t cry about numbers. I think its actually fun to be outnumbered when you have a team of good players.

Also, the siege wasn’t a ghost siege if he joins with 10 members.


You don’t hear it in fury because there’s no population to support sieges. Ask a GM btw what is considered grief ghost sieges.