To Empire of Stygia and Black Lotus Rogues

Please stop siege blocking and ghost sieging. Neither of these are fun, and actively destroys pvp.

Especially during the pvp week, where everyone gets locked out of the pvp event zone for hours.


Do the events continue to run in the siege zone while its going?

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That is a very good question.

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Just saying this could be abusable

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I have petitioned every single one including last nights , Funcom dosnt answer the petitions , blame your fearless EoS guild leader for you getting locked out of zone with his alt cities. Los Satetkas , Los Ptahs and now Veridian flame [VR]. All 3 petitioned for ghost sieges. Ask him to stop in your discord he joins . @AndyB this should be looked into as while we was there having our time wasted again waiting to defend with 24 the events did seem to continue . Maybe disable them or actually look into our petitions and stop the ghost siegers . That way we dont have to sit in zone waiting on a siege that probably isnt going to happen blocking the zone.

Did you at least make the most of it and farm said events

LOL @Bloodvax this is Crom, only the Fury exiles stand out there hour after hour , We turned up , wiped a small weak group then went to the bk to defend, i sent most out and waited at BK to reset timer , then surprise surprise Satetka entered zone alone with 15 minutes left to go , put up a tent, died and left zone . Its funny with all you guys having your alts/mains in EoS you should have known this. But this is Crom and this is Satetkas way of playing, Carrying the EoS guild tag get used to the way he runs things.

Petitioned dozens and dozens of times and I guess nothing will ever be done. I would think this would be considered harassment but what do I know.

I did enjoy 1 possibly 2 of his current sieges though. Too bad all the Fury players he’s got don’t support him and seem to not even know what their leader is doing…sucks to be in the dark like that.

Well if its not you so be it, but someone is booking on us and i have petitioned Funcom on each occasion with no reply, lets face it lots of people hate you and EoS , thats your thing… at the same time quite a few people do not like BLR , in many ways this is a perfect situation to mess with both of us.
You guys are quick to pull the trigger saying it is us blocking sieges to protect our raids, so i return the favor saying its you ghosting us. And on a side note our raids are fluid Mon-Fri so that you cant effect our raids, we plan around the windows, not that hard really if you put some thought into it…

Bro you are so full of shyte…


This is posted like it has some relevancy here ? BLR lost the bk in that siege , was no block or ghost siege , thats why BLR now has Gardak…

I will say it again , read the words … Its not relevant because on the screen shot posted we lost the BK on that occasion, that is for Oakenhome , BLR now reside in Gardaak so whether you had to withdraw or not a siege happened and a BK was lost…

Los Satetkas we had 24 in zone including EU allies good enough to be online at 4am for them to help defend, With Los Ptah’s we was in T4 correct, with 2 people at BK watching it, ready to drop T4 and come straight to the zone if someone attacked with that raid.
As for Veridian Flame who you higher up admitted to being an ally of yours we had a full raid again, we sent them out after no one turned up for 30 minutes, i stayed behind to reset time, when surprise surprise with 15 minutes to go YOU came into zone put up a tent, died and zoned out…

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