PvP is dead on Crom? Lets Revive sieges

It makes me really sad to see that such fun content isnt get used at all.
Lets change that,
according to Darkwind Leader Hamanx Darkwind wants to do a lot of Sieges, they just dont have the enemies for that.
So dear PvP ppl, lets join forces and play the content everyone of us loves so much.

VORBOTEN attacks Darkwind on Thursday 22.00 CET.

According to Hamanx the Darkwind raid is already full,
so i have some spots left in mine.

Ill be online from 21.00 CET on, on my necro Icecreme, just give me a tell i invite you.

greetz, icecreme

PS: No requirements but using ts3 and undedrstanding basic english :slight_smile:

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Revive (Siege - Events) indeed, by Set!

May the slitted-eye of the Old Great Serpent One watch over you!

who or what is a VORBOTEN?

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Vorboten is Harbingers in German.

By Set… wow, never would have guessed that was German, I figured Norse

Good information but not really what I was asking.

old german pvp guild

Didn’t know this guild is still active nowadays. Vorborten gives me strong feeling of nostalgia of my beginning in Age of Conan on Asgard… gosh, this is so long ago :confused:

tonight, we go to war :slight_smile:
i start inviting at 21.40 CET
Everyone should bring some siegeweapons (you can buy them in your guildcity in the keep, dont buy the blue ones, greens are absolutly fine).

just give a ingame tell to icecreme

Just realised I got day off tomorrow, you still got any spots or?

i think so, but a little change of plan, i hav an emergency at work, so instead of me, BALLDURR will invite you guys to the siege

Sieges and pvp will be moving to fury but if that fails the siege master will return to crom and rest assured i will bring you sieges…one way or another!