Weekend Sieges on Crom

Having seen the good and the not so good in Age of Conan sieges this week i would like to throw out a suggestion to the PvP community. Everybody enjoys a good siege , Yesterdays siege with USB defending against EoS wasn’t a classic, there has been better sieges we all know this but… It was fought in good spirit by both sides , there was people from all time zones there as it was a weekend siege and when it was finished everyone just went about their day without global trolling and smack talk.

As a co leader of BLR i am curious as to if the community would be interested in arranging weekly/bi weekly weekend sieges , all fought in a friendly manner like yesterday and instead of the shambles of the mid week siege have a week to plan ahead for both sides to make sure it is enjoyable for all. BLR would be happy to defend and attack with its friends against any guilds and friends who would like to participate in this, ideally i would like a few guilds to step up and claim BK’s that are sitting and rotting not really being used, as a community we can all help claim these bks so every guild can take turns attacking and defending so that no one get stuck always attacking or defending.
We have seen with the Premade Tournament on Fury the PvP community can drive the content ourselves even with the lack of activity from funcom , i am sure we can use a whole week between sieges to make it as balanced as possible. Is there and Tournament we can do here? Potentially down the road i do not see why not if the community comes together and has fun with it.
So in short im reaching out to the community of PvP’ers we have left in game to see if Cromers and Furians with alts/mains on Crom would like to see something like this happen. If you do have interest you can reply here, message me here privately or ask for me in global on Crom ( itburns) .

Thanks all for your time, let see what we can get going :slight_smile:


I think this could be a lot of fun. One criticism I have of the siege yesterday was that it was incredibly lopsided, with most of one of the raids walking away from the siege without scoring a single kill.

I don’t think “perfect balance” will ever be attainable, but we can do better in the future.


Exactly and fun is the key word , it wasn’t a well balanced siege, but with a week between them my hope is it gives us time to improve on it. Setting time zones to EU and US friendly on a Saturday or Sunday should assist with this.
If the turn out is really good and we have more players then we could use we could expand to a kind of tier system so that new players to pvp can also run a secondary siege and learn the mechanics from some experienced players on lowbie alts, that way maybe we can increase on the population who would want to siege.
I would love to breath some life back into sieges and i think if we all come together to make it work it should be attainable and a lot of fun. I do have to thank Satetka as well, because although i dont agree with his methods of sieges he did make me think there must be a better way we can do this , approaching the community to arrange it together was the logical decision .

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Fun is awesome, I throw in with BLR if the chance arises. Sieging is about the only PvP I am interested in these days.

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The Empire of Stygia is always happy to destroy the enemies of Set!

Even …uneven…as long as the roar of the crowd and the Gods of Stygia thunder we will be there!!!

Ps Happy Easter to you all! As the banks of the Styx are reborn in flood so to the world in the blood.


I will support a more organized and fun siege schedule. I think everyone could benefit from something like it.

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Well I launched a siege on the weekend and no one wanted to show to help balance. So do any of you plan to do any sieges? Or is it just fun weekend sieges where I get stomped at your peak hours? At least at 2 am I have a chance. Targeting the off hours is the only chance for a fun fight I can be involved in unless I somehow recruit all the pvprs on crom.

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Well let’s hope the next one is better. I’ll keep hosting and hopefully momentum will build we had 20 today before all the zone booting dropped us to 12 a marked improvement from the blr siege. Maybe next week well have 24 w no lowbies

Balancing sieges would mean reaching out during the week and planning it , i personally knew nothing about your siege until you spammed global looking for people to x up , on a sunday with no warning i can not 1. Help plan or 2. Know if ill be around for it, real life plays a factor as well.
Also BLR didn’t even attend the siege, the problem was the unwillingness of WoA and BW to make it a fair fight on you from what i read in global , our responsibility for sieges starts with the ones we are involved in not the ones we are not.

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All I saw was the lamentation of the attacker complaining the defense was too strong and not all in the guild that owned the BK. Therefore the attacker would not enter the zone. It seems to me, it is the responsibility of the both sides to plan to field an adequate force and if unable, they should honorably resign thus preventing a ghost siege. And if one side calls upon allies to aid them, so be it.


Ok well let’s plan it. I plan to attack legends on wed at 6 PM pst. Who wants to help make it fun and balanced. I’ll know wednesday who the weekend target will be.

Anyone else want to siege anyone? I plan to keep going. Guild after guild and then pick the one who is most fun to play with.

We were all in zone jarafin…funcom crapcode kept booting everyone out.

Also there is no way to resign…wish there was. We had 20 people so there was no reason to resign until the boot from zone issue caused it to drop to 12. If i sign a siege I would prefer to try the entire time with whatever soldiers will follow. 12 fought till the bitter end. 20 were there from launch. Only ghost involved was you.

Send me a tell in game and we will work on balancing your weekend siege, as for the weekday i posted weekends for a reason, im busy and can not plan for this. I have to say though it would be nice to see some of these pvpers you have in guild come to the sieges, they talk a lot in mini games, but rarely show to support you in you attempts, A certain Beef***** is very good at that in particular.
Im sure if the people i see in minis was to turn up to your sieges you wouldn’t really need to ask for help you have the numbers but your players go into hide as soon as its siege time.
I will be about in game tomorrow, lets talk and work something out for the weekend , Maybe if you can get some ballers support and some from BLR we can help make it interesting at least.

I’m a ghost :ghost:

Great weekday siege! 18 v 18 ish and keep down at 40 pnts left all buildings down.

Alot of fun…thanks for coming out

Yup well you know thats whats possible when its in good spirit , we enjoyed it , wish we joined at the start and not when the bk was at 55% though , would have made it more interesting , but good show everyone :grin:

Ya I mean we coulda taken the keep but now I’m still a threat and no one has hard feelings. Next!

Well you know if you can take a keep take one , BLR can attack you , would be good for you to defend as well as attack , then EoS people get to experience both , also if you have a keep if you win you know the other guild goes down to T1 , kinda keeps them in the running for future sieges if you cant claim it because you have one. There is a number of guilds holding bks couldn’t defend and are not even active , just take one.

A bk fell last night! Dont worry about attacking me. Attack anyone. We will show up to balance either side.


Dont worry about attacking you? Thats like saying dont worry about attacking BLR focus on someone else lol , gratz on the bk now its a more rounded experience for everyone in EOS, we can all help balance each others sieges anyway so nothing needs to change there . I know we are getting anxious to siege so im sure we will pick someone to attack soon.