PvP Battlekeeps are too few to keep PvP active on Crom (Update on current events)

Let’s be honest here.
Aside from Border to Kush that has one spot empty the Battlekeeps are too few.

From the dozens of PvP active guilds only 8 possess a Battlekeep:

  • Aquilonian End: Burnheim - Bloodfrenzy & Wrath of Amra, Sturmgarde - Destiny, Oakenhome - Black Lotus Rogues
  • Cimmerian End: Caelnach - Team Rocket, Stonehammer - U.S.B, Fort Bane - Suicide Squad
  • Border to Kush: Amut Anun - Barbaric Warriors, Gardak - Gloryhole Superstars

The situation remains like this for 3 reasons:

  1. There are no more Battlekeep booking spots aside from 9

  2. That only Barbaric Warriors with their allies Bloodfrenzy & Wrath of Amra are capable to wage war on another guild Alliance Team Rocket - Black Lotus Rogues.

  3. The other guilds like Destiny has many PvP Veterans and can’t be easilly challenged because they are active while U.S.B and Suicide Squad maintain their Battlekeeps as well without being that active.
    Aside from a few TR members who have alts in Destiny and try to bring them to join their cause and a few Destiny members who do and would like their guild to join as a whole besides BLR is building Siege Engines :smiley: so something might happen obviously.

The result is:

  1. That none of the other Guilds with very talented PvP Veterans like:
    -Old Tarantia Traders PTY
    -System Lords (RU)
    -Russian Wolves
    -The Ivory Tower
    -Order of the Silver Dragon
    -Meathooks Minions
    -Atlantean Embers
    -Clan der Ghands
    -Fruit Vendors
    -Circle of Eternity
    -TEG (The Epic Guard)

…and many others i forget…

…don’t get a chance to own a Battlekeep and start enjoying some open world PvP action.

  1. I (The DT) gave up his powers bestowed by the forces of Chaos to summon the Great Sultan of ‘‘The Empire of Stygia’’ (EOS) to break this stalemate and challenge Hyboria!

Come forth great Sultan and change this boring inactive map for they are not worthy of their lands!

They are not even fixing the dungeon doors I heard they broke in recent server updates, you are talking to deaf ears m8.

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Keep deluding yourself, please. You’re funny. :rofl:

Well that’s why i said it. I doubt anything will change in the current ‘‘boring inactivity’’ not as long as the maximum battlekeeps remain 9. Made sense before server merge. Now for the current guilds it’s just impossible to capture a Battlekeep owned by the 8 that occupy them.

Trying to bring Murhyen in this discussion. I am sure he can give some ‘‘nice suggestions’’ lol

I’m personally not sure what the point of this post is. Are you asking for there to be more battle keeps added? The purposes of battle keeps are not to grant guilds passive buffs. That’s just a side effect. The original intention of battle keeps was that guilds would fight over them. Obviously that’s not what happens. Especially on a server like Crom. You will have what’s commonly referred to as a CareBear Consortium. This consortium usually consists of some high-level raiding guilds mixed with veteran PVP guilds. The high level PVE guilds usually work out agreements with the high-level PVP guilds for protection in exchange for spots in their exclusive endgame raid parties.

Most of the population on the PVE server doesn’t like too much effort involved in their day-to-day goings on in this game. I think fun con picked up on that and that’s why you have things like kuth or raid finder. No most folks left in this game just want passive buffs without ever having to fight for them if that makes sense.

They literally get offended if you siege their battle keep as if how dare you attack us?! :roll_eyes:

The barbaric warriors are the only guild in recent history that has bothered to launch siege assaults on enemy battle keeps much to my chagrin.

If it we’re up to me, we would be sieging at least twice a week! :smiling_imp:

Sieging is a fun activity and not nearly enough of it goes down and it’s sad.

Honestly the passive buffs aren’t even that great anyway. It’s kind of silly to even have a battle keep unless you actually PVP and even then the buffs are trivial.

You could always join hands with the barbaric warriors and help out with the sieges or vice versa. If you want a battle keep all you need is a t3 guild city and a helping hand to take it away from the namby pamby guilds that hold them now. :wink:

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You covered everything. Seems even provoking them wont work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the point is that if there were more Battlekeeps some guilds would get them and start doing some interesting stuff. Now taking it from the namby pamby guilds is impossible for them. They lack the manpower unless they enter your Alliance somehow and you decide to take Hyboria in the name of the Great Khan. Azy! I miss you brothers.

Takes an alliance to beat one

There are only 8 (not 9) keeps for the simple reason that if you really want one, you have to “work” to get it and maintain it. And yes, you need to gather a group around you for that. I don’t see what’s wrong with that in an MMO.

About The Ivory Tower, we took a keep when we formed the guild a few year ago now. And then we got ghost-sieged so often by a well-known guy, or he would show up alone or with a few alts of his own . . . that we didn’t bother defending it any more. And that’s how we lost it : we just decided that maintaining/defending the battle keep wasn’t worth the effort.
I also believe that The Ivory Tower is not the only guild in your list (that just looks like just a list of active guilds) that chose to not bother with that. So I think you should not speak for people you do not know . . .

In the end, there are simply not enough people interested enough in that side of the game on Crom.


You do realize that i actually agree and support what you say? Hello! I am on your side!

As for the list. I am really listing Guild names of Talented Players. Individuals. Not the guilds themselves.

Anyway. The point is that ‘‘If somehow’’ many of these guilds with such players had a Battlekeep now to defend there would be more Border Region PvP even outside the Monthly Event. So… Somehow this PvP active people must get a Battlekeep.

That’s the solution. Variety. Not monopoly.

I don’t agree with “PvP Battlekeeps are too few”. So do you ?
More of them would mean less reasons to fight for them.

And battle keeps are not needed to go and fight in border kingdoms.

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To be honest, I think there should be only 1 battlekeep and only the best guild can hold it. Let’s watch those alliances crumble overnight or mergers (lol even more hilarious)

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Wouldn’t there be more sieges if many more Guilds had a Battlekeep? They would have to defend them.
Whos going to challenge TR or BW or Destiny now?

There are smaller guilds who would engage now in Sieges between them if they had a Battlekeep. Their problem is that they can’t challenge anyone of the current Guilds.

If 3-4 more would magically become available now i guarantee some would actually go there and capture them and even fight over them. The current situation is a ‘‘Stalemate’’ it remained like that too long.

We need WAR! That’s the current problem. The damn peace!

That could also work. Guaranteed to work!

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No if there were more battle keeps then nobody would ever bother to attack each other. The problem is there are too many battle keeps and people are too comfortable sitting high on those battle keeps without any challenge. If you want more battle keep sieges you must reduce the amount of battle keeps on each server to at most one per border kingdom. That would light some fires under some arses

You’re right. It’s true. Most just prefer the buffs and that’s it. Making themselves comfortable. And they would abuse that opportunity by keeping it that way…
Means some Battlekeeps have to be captured and replaced with Guilds that aren’t milkdrinkers. Only working solution. Because i doubt they would change BK numbers anyway.

that’s not gonna change, be realistic. If you want a bk, fight for it.


more battle keeps available would most likely not bring more attackers, but more likely less.

If you want more sieges, you make 1 BK per region, for a total of 3. Most guilds though think BK’s are more trouble than their worth.


A real pvp force

And some of the best Duelists as well.