PvP Battlekeeps are too few to keep PvP active on Crom (Update on current events)

Form a coalition with people all those guilds listed of the PvP Veterans and attack one.

It is a shame, Sieges are the most fun PvP there is- but it is a symptom of the whole problems that we have with PvP

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My thoughts exactly. It’s time for them to move out of the shades and form some alliances and have alliance wars. In every guild listed there are some very skilled veterans. This will revive Border Zone PvP give Motivation and reasons.
Unless everyone just wants the buffs and is happy with the few minigames left. But that will only lead to further population diminishing.

Another option is for the Guilds with experienced PvPers to start recruiting and prepare people for PvP. That would even revive the population itself even fix minigame balancing.

It’s up to the community i believe and especially to the Guild leaders. There wont be any new updates from funcom and the PvP app on Fury is proof how much a community can accomplish.

And the most effective way they can prepare people for PvP is after prepping them do fighting groups at the Border Zones during the event. They only have to take a look what happens between TR vs BW each time. It’s just great fun.

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Helloooo. Sorry to wake you up, but Crom is a mainly PvE server where most guilds just don’t care about PvP. Good luck changing that.
If you just want to siege more often, just get a guild city with a t3 keep, and start attacking the other guilds’ battle keeps.

There is a nice PvP community on Crom still left. Each of the big veteran guilds has one.
And i am personally ‘‘nobody’’ to start a guild for that. These guilds exist already but the only sieges i see is once upon a while on the Battlekeep of BLR.

It’s up to these people distributed among Crom guilds to do that. I can only propose or join, never been a leader never cared to be never wanted to. But i believe most of them just want the BK buffs only.

So you’re right. I should be realistic. They wont do anything because they are not interested.
Maybe it falls to the smaller guilds to break the unending peace. Curious if anyone will ever try to organize them or if anybody can.

Well if only sieges weren’t broken. The hp of siege weapons has not kept up with the power creep so attackers have a 0% chance of winning if the defenders show up and don’t ignore the weapons.

1 BK per region is probably the most reasonable solution that should have been done a while ago. And maybe some mechanic so you can’t just sit on it.

Whatever, I don’t think we’ll even see another siege ever again now. Unless they make them even smaller in scale lol

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Sieges are probably the worst form of pvp. They are too big for individual skill to matter, and also too big for good teamwork, I mean you get a lot of “group 1 go here group 2 go there” but landing a good counter CC, a clutch big heal, or other teamwork abilities means almost nothing in the large scale of a siege.

All the preferred classes are boring one dimensional ranged classes that require zero mechanical skill to play. There is no counterplay between classes because everyone is essentially just a drop in the ocean; none of it matters.
Not to mention the mechanics of the sieges are so busted in so many ways, I’m not even sure if sieging is possible currently? last siege I was in the the walls were invincible.

I don’t like losing, so I’ll come out to defend my BK and most likely win because sieges are so in favor of defending guilds. And in the end it’s just going to be annoying that I had to log on for hours and not have fun in the process. Waste of time IMO

I strongly disagree. Sieges need tweaks and a balancing pass but they have potential and plenty of people have had fun with them already. But they offer zero rewards, are totally unbalanced now (and ferocity in pvp is totally ridiculous also) and gathering ~48 pvpers (total counting both sides) has been a very tall order for the last few years.

Back in 48v48 siege days, I actually only had melees and still enjoyed a lot of sieges but it was between big serious competitive guilds so there were actual strats involved on both sides and attackers could actually win back then.

Yeah some bug fixes should have been done already. I am thinking about Strategical Maps with Victory & Spawn point locations across a Zone.
That would involve a ‘‘Siege’’ to be a different playfield - instance that can be entered by the Attackers & Defenders and have Victory locations that need to be hold or captured in order to prevent enemy spawning in this position.
It will only require the same ‘‘Raids’’ to be within the zone and if someone needs to leave you can always bring another one to fill.
So after you manage to capture these positions the enemy will be unable to spawn from them but only from his Battlekeep.
Also each Victory location ‘‘Skirmish’’ can be done by even 1vs1 group or something before the walls themselves are besieged. Doesn’t matter as long as you can capture them. And we already have the FoS points anyway that can function like that.
Then with the City and the Siege engine bugs fixed it’s all about taking the keep.

That would be an objective based Siege warfare. It should give rewards obviously (XP and Trophies-Badges). Also Guilds could engage in such FoS fights that way with rewards by fighting over a Village that one already owns without aiming for the Battlekeep and so on with a smaller scale Objective that would take 6vs6 into account and reward them accordingly without tying it to the ‘‘Main Siege’’ by simply having the option for each group wether they engage in a Siege with FoS points or simply FoS points only.

It’s like the playfield has been created already but left unfinished. I can tell if that would happen alot of people would join and level pvp rank and farm for gear as well that way. Without rewards i doubt there will be much interest.
Even Battlekeep ownership positions could be ‘‘Instances’’ that can be attacked via the Vulnerability window by someone but i am not sure if PvP Battlekeep ownership without consequences (Risk of loosing it) is good considering the current situation.

With Fury allowing more locations than the Border Regions to be PvP zones i believe it would be better. Sure it can work on Crom too but restricted to 3 zones only unless each Zone has an Epic - Normal - PvP playfield.

So a lot like bori was supposed to be…

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Hehe yeah

Actually, now that i think of it, this is how the PvP Event could become Full-Time.
By having the PvP Event objectives/ rewards being tied to that Group/ Raid - FoS + FoS tied Siege Mechanic. The only difference will be that the FoS tied Siege Mechanic will be tied to the Battlekeep Vulnerability system.
Now why a FoS mechanic for Sieges? To give the option to defenders to prevent you with Skirmishes to reach their walls so you can start the Siege and require you to capture a certain FoS point which will be used as your Spawn point to rez and continue a Siege otherwise you will Spawn too far away.

Under the condition of course Wall & Siege Engine bugs are getting fixed first to make it possible for the attacker to win and wether a Siege will be succesfull or not ‘‘Shift that weight’’ to rely mostly on ‘‘Who controlls the Battlefield itself’’ Inside the inner wall it will be a narrow space defense anyway as a last resort. And of course no bigger guild will be overpowered because there will be a limited number (Group-Raid) that can participate (activate an objective mechanic).

Thus there will be constant warfare over BKs both for the XP-Token gain and players (Leveling PvP) and for the chance to get the BK buffs for as much as you can hold it. Weekly update like the Vulnerability window.
So scrath guild based instances i mentioned (that was a bad idea).

The only thing i can’t think about is the ‘‘Timers’’ for such an FoS - Siege Hybrid.

Another problem that arises is how can this co-exist with the current PvP event FoS objectives…
Different playfield or something?

It’s definitely not the worst type of pvp and skill and tactics still matter. Due to the amount of players the individual skill and tactics of a person matters less for the outcome obviously, but strategy and communication plays a much bigger role, especially since the map is too big to fully cover all points with all players. I think overall sieges are very fun to do, if both teams have adequate amount of players.

Just reduce it to 1 keep per zone. 3 keeps total. 1 gold 1 silver 1 bronze, like pvp gear.

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