Weekend Sieges on Crom

Well it’s like beating up the little kid on the school yard. But if you enjoy it go for it. I plan to take them all!

Your congratulations & hopes for an opportunity to siege them in return are pre-mature, as far as I can see as at UTC 4 May 2019 0100, EoS does not own a battlekeep.

These are the guilds that own battle keeps:
Caelnach = -Team Rocket-
Fort Bane = -War Tribe-
Stonehammer = United S.E.X.Y Boys
Burnheim = Bloodfrenzy & WoA
Sturmgarde = The Iron Throne
Oakenhome = Black Lotus Rogues
Amut’anum = Barbaric Warriors
Gardak = Dragons Evil Delusions

Gardak was owned by a different guild last week…it is now owned by Dragons Evil Delusions.

Yeah i seen that he took it with his alt guild , probably because he didnt want to risk his bugged out battle keep buffs from saga. Shame he likes to attack and harras guilds but wont allow a counter attack .


The little kid keeps poking the bigger kids eventually itll draw their attention

I always liked a challenge!

Yeah i know you do but… Do you not think it adds to the idea of your harassment of guilds , because as usual you dont allow for retribution you only allow one way traffic in the direction of your choice “attack” . There is no element of risk and reward with you , i can see why that helps post the negative image and feed back you receive , like maybe all those guilds you battered into submission with regular 3 days of under numbered sieges would have fought back and stuck around if you gave them something to fight and take from you. You talk a lot about doing it for the community , well remember the community would also like a chance to stick it to you when the opportunity arrived , instead you like to just always do it on your terms , this is something i would urge you to change in your approach it may benifit everyone more and create more sieges , which after all you claim to want . You talk of a civil war with BLR , well shouldn’t you have something for us to counter attack in this case ?
Im looking forward to tomorrows siege should be fun , but i do urge you to put the same target on your back as you are happy to proceed with the one on everyone elses.

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Well tonight’s siege was very disappointing , on seeing it wasn’t balanced we had some volunteer to leave our raid force and we had a few other high level toons switch to lowbies, it all happened to late as a few on EoS side already left, Sorry i didn’t get it done faster i feel partially responsible for the way it turned out tonight. I planned on having 24 in the hope Satetka could also muster 24 in the attack. Short of giving half my raid to Satetka i do not know what else i could have done to balance. I even stood out along with Kittycatdt and a few others to not interfere until trebs where put up and started to fire , just wanted to let the pvp happen.
Its a sad day when finding 24 people for a siege for one side is to difficult , its starting to feel like we are flogging a dead horse trying to make these sieges happen, For BLR side i can prepare, i can have 24 to fight, @starhunterceo you seem totally unable to do this, and then even when we drop to lowbies and drop people from siege you ask for more to leave from our side for balance. the whole pugging from global for a siege is not working, its near impossible for you to fill, and even if you get close you still have lowbies ( sub level 80) toons and low pvp levels.
Now i understand you want to siege , i understand you want to make it competitive but im sorry to say it seems beyond you to pull the people from guild/global to do this . I know you are trying to force all the others guilds to siege each other, but there clearly isnt any interest on their part to do it , there isnt enough guilds wanting BK’s and fighting over them the population is just past the point of making it competitive , its a 10+ year old game now the glory days of sieges and mass battles are far behind us , hell we have seen bigger pvp world battles then the recent siege attempts down the years.
I know you will siege us again, or someone else … but there is only so much you can lean on others to do to balance it for your side, especially when you are the one initiating the siege attack.
I would be very happy to hear from others their opinions on what if anything can be done, i really dont want to have any more of these evenings where we stand around waiting for you to fill from global , its really past getting old its plane ■■■ boring as hell and it cant be any fun for you guys just like it isnt for us…

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Interesting, heard it wasnt only blr…do you really want a fight or do you prefer slaughtering noobs and lowbies with some of the best pvpers from other guilds.

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You are correct it wasnt only BLR we had 1 group of USB , are you telling me 6 USB is all of the best pvpers left on the server? Satetka had nothing but lowbies is that also our fault when he sieged us , its 24 v 24 if he cant find 24 how far over backwards should we bend so he can siege us ? I dropped 5 people from our siege and 3 switched to lowbie toons in blues , then 3 sat out and watched so we were down to 17 to 18 active.
Its great you heard , maybe you should have been there to see…

It seems to me the problem may be we get 24 and he trys to pug from global 5 minutes before the window opens , then he enters zone with 12 people and is suprised the other side is at the bk waiting to defend , i guess thats our fault as well…

Waa waa waa. So all these big pve guilds crying because they’re getting attacked by prince ptah 's noobs. If you want balanced sieges then fight each other. Or just accept that anyone has the right to declare siege regardless of how skillfull they are.

Of course anyone can declare siege, there is no skill check for that.
But with what right can the same anyone then demand the defending guild to 1. drop people from their side, or 2. give people to the attacking side just to “balance the fun”? If he wants to make it “fun for everyone” and balanced he should gather his players long befor the siege starts, not making the defending guild just standing in their bk, waiting. No fun in that. As in ghost sieges, but that is another story. Or he should reach out to the leaders he attacks to make an aggreement about numbers and people BEFOR the window opens.

Or, just maybe, sieges are only about power, and the guild with the stronges pvpers and best alliances dominates? Just a thought…

And I really wonder were this thinking comes from, that only the attacked guilds members should defend. Sieges were always fought with friends and alliances, why are people whining about that now?


Legends ghost seiged us last night. I dont mind.

Blr brought teg…ra…legends…usb.

Balanced numbers will never matter unless you multiply them by pvp levels. I told you exactly what I was bringing burn hours before. It evolved exactly as predicted. As long as you bring USB or USB brings blr itll never be fun.

None of this matters to me. All I see is pvprs logging on and coming to border lands. Mission accomplished.

If you didnt have fun all you have to do is remove from raid.

EoS vs BLR only would have been fun. One day you’ll figure that out.

All I know is this time we had 18 people at start on discord in zone at start. So that’s progress!!!

The wars will continue. Surely I can find 24 good pvprs who still enjoy the game.

I mean 6 usb = 12 or so blr so ya id say bringing usb to your seige made clear your intentions…And to the man wondering why we are pointing this out. These are the people that wanted balanced sieges… i dont think blr is so ignorant that they cant see ptah and the eos boys wont be able to put up a fight vs average players let alone actual pvpers (who blr padded their raid with).

What im saying is make clear your intentions, dont put up this we want balanced fun pvp facade. As i see it that is just a bunch of bs.

I love how people come on here and QQ about the sieges yet none of you are prepared to help satetka attack and make it more balanced , satetkas guild is packed with pvp 10’s you see them every day in minis , yet you never see them in his sieges , you all moaned 48 v 48 was unfair because its impossible to fill , funcom make it 24 v 24 now you still complain on balance and filling issues , but now even better you want to talk mad bs to the guilds that still can fill . last night i dropped people , last night i got people to switch to toons in blue gear and got a few to just stand around and watch , how about next time i just fill both sides and run the sieges for you and you can come listen in discord . At some point the attackers need to actual attack and on top of that prep driving through LA 5 minutes before a siege recruiting from global before you get home dont make for a good siege .
I mean honestly some of the toons you brought we don’t even have alts that undergeared , i understand they are new players , maybe just maybe they are not ready to be fighting for bks. Half of our raid was low pvp levels as well wasnt like we brought nothing but pvp 10’s.
Sieges are pvp content i cant help that we have pvpers and allies while you recruit casual players and throw them in a siege no matter their gear or level , if you actually prep and arrange to bring a guild for example BW or BBB itd be so much different , but you dont you wait till siege is about to start and then ask for random x’s from global , thats not the defenders fault thats the extent of your prep…

All this QQ about USB how about bring 6 of your guys to counter them then , or is that why you stay away from the sieges as well ?

Sorry man, just admit that you don’t want balanced sieges. You are fighting EOS, you could bring 12 random blr players and hold 24 EOS. If you want to dominate the attacking guild make it clear. Don’t post on the forums how you want balanced fun siege pvp.

Dont be sorry , help satetka balance, you happy to put that pressure on the guild he is attacking , how about you help buff his guys up , i dont see you out there making it happen its 24 people . but its easier to sit back and comment then to actually log in and do it right ?

Ive been to the sieges and at the last one I switched sides like 6 times to help balance. Eventually Iron Throne filled their side with a bunch of BLR and I stayed on the EOS side for the remainder of the battle. I’ve played on both sides and I know what each side is bringing, you know what each side is bringing. How can you justify padding with a bunch of experienced pvpers vs half a raid of lowbies. These are players that will die in 1 combo/spell…At least ptah is including these players who may never get the chance otherwise. If you want to have fun don’t pad your side. If you want to dominate the lowbies just say so.

Thats right they filled with a bunch of BLR to help balance , something in your last post we dont do apparently …
I also love how you all ignore the changes i did make to try and help , but always seems to come back to but oh no you had 6 USB …
Its a sad state when one side can not find 24 people its even sadder when they cant find 24 people or more then a few over pvp 5 or whatever he had . maybe just maybe funcom should do away with sieges as they never seem to work , kind of similar to pug minis…