Looking for a guild on Crom Server

I am wondering if anyone could please point me in the direction of a suitable guild? Whilst I have been in contact with a couple of guilds via in-game mail, whenever I’m in-game and send an application it seems there is no one ‘on’ who can send an invite. Hence this request.

I am something of an ‘Altoholic’ and enjoy trying out all of the classes; I have a number of ‘new’ characters mostly in the 30’s and a few ‘old’ characters from years ago that I am currently just accruing AA’s on.
I am a Brit in the UK who generally prefers using VOIP such as Discord, Teamspeak, etc. (I prefer that to having to spend most of my time in game keeping an eye the chat window, etc).
Finally most of my game time is either during the day time or later in the evening or at night; early evening is spent with RL commitments.

If there are any guilds that people are aware of that I would suit, please drop me a line.

Many thanks. :grinning:

You’re in luck. Darkwind is EU centered and usually do raids in the evenings. I play during the day and host a few dungeons varying by day and mood. If you’re I terested I can contact my GM and have him in you and your alts.

Thank you for the reply and will give it some serious thought.

One question though, from a post I saw a short while ago I recall a comment that Darkwind do heir raids at around 7 PM GMT, is that correct?

Varies. I have seen raids sometimes being ran even at 6pm.
Btw, that’s during the work days. Weekends I don’t know. But I think it’s far more open.


Sadly though, those times are going to be too early for me. Talking about it caused me to recall the issue when I played before and repeatedly found when I got on in the evening that my then guild’s raid had started or had just finished, so I repeatedly missed out. That is just the way it goes though, hi ho.

There are days as well when Darkwind runs double raids. So it might be ran 2 hours later as well