Looking for active pve/pvp guild on crom


It depends on your playtime and expectations.

Try Wrath of Amra or Dawnsong for EU times or even Knights of Avalon. For US Times try Meathooks Minions or maybe Nightwolves or The Walking Dead.

If you’re wanting a guild that will take anyone regardless of how good they are at playing, try Empire of Stygia.

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Yes, I am in Nightwolves. They are the best Guild I have been in so far and we are very active in all levels of raiding.

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@Amelias Thank you for the mention :smiley:

If you would like more information about MeatHooks Minions, you can visit our website at https://conan.meathooksminions.com or shoot me a tell sometime in game and we can chat.

Welcome back to Age of Conan!

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" Looking for active pve/pvp guild on crom"

It should be noted that meathooks is a solid pve/raiding guild to join however they don’t really partake in the pvp side of the game. The same could be said of the walking dead. You wont see those guys in the pvp zones. But they can do pretty much all the end game content you can handle.

Nightwolves does both as far as I know. Black lotus rogues is a good guild as well with decent elements of pve and pvp. There are other active guilds with their foot in both sides of the spectrum. Some better than others.

At the end of the day it depends on what time zone you play in and how important both pve and pvp are to you.

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i m living in europe but i prefer some us time guild because mostly i can play at nights…hmmm didnt know that walking dead are on crom now,i was player of fury and i remember them from there…although ty mate

thanks everyone!! :wink:

YW! :slight_smile:

As spreadicus said, Meathooks tends to not do PvP as a whole but I think a few of their members do.

Nightwolves has both.

You could also look at Barbaric Warriors but they say they’re mostly PvP oriented.

BLR might be a good fit. And I know Empire of Stygia DOES try both, but accept anyone regardless of how good they are at playing the game.

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What do you mean by “night” when you are in Europe. You realize that for a US guild, their prime time when they do stuff will be starting at approximately 2-3 am Europe time depending where you live in Europe.

This is incorrect, US prime time is usually around now so give or take 10-11pm-ish EU time and onward til the beer runs dry!

I wouldn’t exactly call 5-6 pm EST “prime time” :slight_smile:

I would. Its prime drinking time here on the East coast and it just keeps going til the west coast passes out.

Coming from a US raiding perspective, most all US guilds don’t really start raiding until 8 est. We for example don’t start until 9 est as we have to wait for West Coasters to get home from work, eat, etc.

Groups and pvp activities can start eariler than that obviously as it doesn’t require such a large amount of people.

Yea well raiding doesn’t happen til later yidda yadda who cares bro? This is US prime time. Deal with it!

correct =)

yes i know i can play only these hours!

i think then nightwolves are the best for me…i will check it