What are the active guilds on Crom?


I’m looking for a guild, if possible an EU due to the time, that does raids from T1 to T6, as returning player i do not have for now the DPS to handle the T6 and i do not know all the bosses and how they fight yet, but i used to be a very good players with 9x level 80 all kitted. Can someone drop down a list of the active guilds? Been looking for them in game but it’s hard to find anyone. Thanks.

Returning player needs a new guild

Knights of avalon
Heart of courage
Requiem nex (not sure of they still raid as a guild)
Rogue angels? (not sure if they still raid as a guild.)
Legion of titans (see them do some mixed raids)

Then there is some mixed raid-constellations where friends/alliances raid together, like Ivorytower and Nangyuan raid with players from Ronin, Altvorderen Sturmklinge etc. But these alternatives are probably not a good alternative for you since they rarely take new players in, and when they do its usually a friend of someone in the raidsquad from before.


Wrath of Amra

WoA and Bloodfrenzy have a raiding alliance iirc.


Rogue Angels raids t5 t6


Yeah but isnt RA a US timezone raiding guild? OP asked for EU timezone raiding guilds


Yes, rogue angels raids in USA night times.
As does Requiem Nex (RN, T5&6), Meathook Minions, TEG (the epic guard), Nightwolves, Black lotus rogues (I think they do t1-4? raids).


There are a number of German-language guilds active on Crom as well. If you look in the Community corner section of this forum you will find a post in German with more details.