Returning Player LF Guild

Hi, came back to the game after a lengthy break, looking for an active guild in both 6 mans and T3.5 & Above raiding.

Have a T3.5/T4 Barb & a Khitai/T4 DT

Thanks in advance.

There are a lot of guilds recruiting, depending on your timezone and when you play. If you can provide those I’m sure more people could help. :slight_smile:

Darkwind is recruiting people, they raid mostly at evening times EU timezone

Isn’t Darkwind only recruiting T5 and T6 raiders? I only see them advertise for these players.

They do t4+ raids and dungeons as well (from time to time). Sometimes lower raids as well, varying by whether some events running.

In the USA evenings especially if you can play in the east coast evening time I’d recommend you looking for Nightwolves or The Walking Dead (TWD) guilds to see if they are a compatible set of people to play with for you.

If you can play in the European evenings then Dawnsong, Wrath of Amra or their friendly guild allies Blood?something for joint raids, or as others have said Darkwind. Or if you understand German there are several guilds available…there is a post on the community corner in German listing them.

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Bloodfrenzy :smile:

If you’re USA You could also check out Requiem Nex.

Nightwolves or TWD would be okay, but you need to be able to handle wiping well.

Thanks Amelias for the correct name … I sat wracking my brain for it.

Requiem Nex only runs T6 and T5 raids so I don’t think it’s the type of guild he’s looking for as he’s at the previous tier of learning at the moment. Whereas Nightwolves / TWD run those tiers and also are learning the higher tiers…so I thought he’d find people running 6mans as well as raids he could participate in straight away…and get to make friendships at the same time.
(Which is why I left out a couple of the European guilds that I know run t6 but not the other tiers on a regular basis).

RN runs the other tiers occasionally and I’ve ran with them with 0 issue which is where my suggestion for them came in. Tho since I havent raided with them in a few months they could have put their focus again on t5/6.

There’s also Meathooks Minions on the US side. They are turning their focus back to progression on the highest 2 tiers (2 nights a week) but run the other tiers on a regular basis

RN’s regular raids for the past year and foreseeable future is t5&6.
The other tier raids you used to enjoy were spontaneous runs usually by Bongy who was running them to gear himself and his friends within the guild and would PuG out spare spots … fun for sure and much appreciated content. He has stopped playing as far as I know…I haven’t seen him for many months in their scheduled t5/6 raids :frowning:

And darn I forgot about Meathook Minions as well … I’ve not had a chance to raid with them since they came back to the game but they used to be fun to be around before they took their big break from the game.

TEG (the epic guard) run T6 in USA evenings. Not sure if they still regularly do t3.5&4 raids.

Sad to hear he’s gone from game. Yeah he was who lead the RN raids I used to go to.

Meathooks raids are generally smooth with minimal drama or issues in my experience. I run with them sometimes if they pug out.