Hi! where the guilds at?

Returning player here! maybe.

This forums is new, I cant see a Guildhall thing.

Is there a place I can get info about Guilds? and possibly apply ? Im interrested in raids.

thx in Advance.

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I think finding a guild that will suit your needs will be dependent on what time you play.

If you’re European I’d recommend somewhere like Darkwind, Wrath of Amra, Dawnsong, or Bloodfrenzy.

If you’re playing in USA evenings I’d probably suggest Nightwolves, Requiem Nex, Rogue Angels, or Meathooks Minions.

Every guild above raids. Some of the guilds above participate in PvP and have 6 man groups as well.

In USA nighttime, TEG (The Epic Guard) is another to consider for the higher tier raids.

If you are very rusty and which to restart in tier 1, 2, 3 and 4+3.5 then black lotus rogues may also suit (they have been quiet on Crom recently on the weekends so I think Saga of Blood is their current focus)

There are several German language guilds that run raids in the European evenings, see the below post from the community corner section of the forum: (whilst I do not speak German I’ve thoroughly enjoyed raiding with Ronin and now Nanyguan)

For Guild Info you’re kind of stuck watching for their Notices put on Global and the NPH channels. Also once in game you can open up the guild panel (upper left corner, middle? button) to see all the current guilds. Won’t tell you much, but you’ll see how many are in and what level ranges they cover from their members.

is this THE SIDAR? Tribunal and Nightwatch Sidar or someone els?

if you are who I think you are and you still didnt find a guild look for me in game or ask for any Darkwind officer. We raiding T6 and T5 main raids and we do some T4 - T3.5 semi pug on our alts.