How to find a guild that welcomes new players and still does raids?

I’m new and hoping to experience all the content in the game. I’ve been told that is impossible and also been told it is possible if you can find the right guild. How would I go about doing this or does anyone hae any suggestions?

Are you looking for an EU or US raid time guild?

It is best to ask in global “Looking for guild. Want to raid and have fun” or something like that. Also, ask people who you group with or when they advertise in global. Just remember that not all guilds treat people well. If it doesn’t work out, find another.

It is very possible to find a guild and experience the content in this amazing game! Make sure that you find a guild that fits your play hours, being in a guild that does not play when you are on usually exempts you from end game content. Find a group of people that you like to play with and figure out how to get in where you fit in. Learn whatever class or classes you decide to play and be prepared to learn game play mechanics to carry your own weight. There are so many variables and combinations that you will constantly be learning new things for a long time!

Durdel does have a great point though, if you don’t necessarily fit in with a guild of people for whatever reason (personalities clash, they aren’t doing content that is more appropriate for your level of game play/game knowledge, they are never on, etc.) you can always leave and find another guild to game with.

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Keep in mind as it’s very important once you start since you will run to issues and your first experience with the community may be good or not that good:

  1. Level. There is not many guilds that do have constantly new people compared to other years.
    This can affect your leveling experience, class mechanic tips and clearing out Purist Dungeons.

  2. Old World content. Clearing out the old world dungeons and quests that lead you to Raid Quests is the propper way to learn a Class. Especially Tanks. Not to mention better AA progression and understanding of the Game’s mechanics. Lvl 80 Dungeons like Xibaluku/ Scorpion Cave/ Caravan Raiders/ Onyx are quite important for this.

You will also Love House of Crom and Vile Nativity if you find a Guild that does them. They don’t happen often and PUGs are rare. Once you are equipped with some T1-T2-T3 mixes a few AAs you can do Unchained mod which is another level of Group content. You will be well prepared for Khitai Dungeons too.

Rewards: You will have decent understanding of the game and class plus AAs and a sack full of Trophies for Khitai Factions thus you can invest more into Khitai Combo Ranks.

  1. Raids. Thankfully Raids happen every week by many guilds. Even PUG T1-T2-T3 is fine. Some do T3.5 as well. (T2-T3 in my opinion which is tied to Destiny quest itself are the best experience in AoC storywise and progression wise).

  2. You will be well experienced and prepared for T4 that way. Some Guilds do these frequently and also try T5 from time to time.

  3. Some of the more older Guilds are more focused on Chaos and T6 and don’t do much of the rest especially not T5. It’s more of a problem for T4 and T5 i believe because the rest is pretty much covered by PUG. Some guilds do all sorts of Content.

Meathooks above at the comment section from (Meathooks Minions Guild) for example. Order of the Silver Dragon. Black Lotus Rogues (The guild i entered). For EU Raid time you might wanna check the guild Spartans. Les Guerriers del’Ombre too.

I have no idea what other guilds do and when.

If you are into PvP i have no idea… There isn’t much organized stuff these days from what i know and it’s obviously worse then last year when i was around.
Also i will be realistic. Don’t expect to make too many friends. This MMO lacks human communication and the main cause is because its old and either most are around forever or left the game. So don’t overthink that issue. Just let it happen and carry on.

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I will lie if i say no. There is nothing i enjoy more than discussions or analyzing :stuck_out_tongue:
I am trying to control myself in order to avoid Walls of Texts but i can’t help it.
I found that telling myself to just shut it and not say anything helps. I just have to resist the urge.

US - I’m still early leveling but just hoping for a guild that would enable me to do these things in future.

Helpful thanks

If you go to “Age Of Conan - Unchained” on Facebook you can hook up with the guild ‘Vilayet Sea Snakes’ which was formed so new players could experience all the content including the various dungeons and tier raids.