Looking for a Guild

Hi, new player here looking for a guild on PVE server. I’m surprised there is no Guild section on the forum, and so I’m posting here. Tried a few different classes, ended up staying with Demo., I’m like lvl 36 atm. Anyways, yeah, lookin for a guild please, been solo so far, and want to enjoy this to it’s full potential! I’m in USA, EST timezone, but play at varying hours. Defo pretty active! Enjoying this game, played other mmo’s but was looking for something new. Ingame name is Zexira. Thanks!

Ask in global or nph chat for better results.


The SERPENTS are a growing guild consisting of new and veteran AGE OF CONAN players. We are based on the concept of maximum game content. For over a decade people have been coming and going through the game and time and time again interested players are turned off because of one thing….being ignored by their guilds. We want that to be a thing of the past. So how do we operate and what are our plans?

Join the guild with a character level 1-80. We ask that if you are coming in with a 80 that it be T2 or below or be willing to participate in those events. New and veteran players are more than welcome. Many of us are veteran players who have a good standing knowledge of the game. We are here to help new players and in turn that helps everyone learn. New and old.

Well here is your chance to join a guild that will cater to you and encourage you to get your money’s worth. And guess what…the guild leaders and vet members will be right there beside you if you need them. Regardless of whether you want to kill PICTS in White sands or Slaughter Pirate Scavengers in Paikaing. So if you want the whole experience or the chance to have the whole experience then join us. We have an active Discord, active FB page and lots of resources for everyone. We are currently gathering for our T3 GUILD CITY and BY CROM we are growing. All aspects of the game will be available. We are starting from the ground up and as we grow will put our fangs in every corner of HYBORIA.
So come on over.

They just ran their first T1 Raid today.

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