Recruiting official PvP server 3552 PS4 Guild

We are a peaceful guild we are currently leveling new members and getting gear for new dungeons releasing and building up our base. I’m max level 60 and I’m pretty active and always willing to help. All we require is must have a mic and be active. Also we’re peaceful no raiding atm no stealing or killing people’s pets. Message Danbowie on PSN if interested. Thank you

Still recruiting

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I just started playing Conan exiles and pretty much hooked would be fun to play with others! I’ll hit you on PSN!

Ok two spots left

I’m new to the game. Any spots open?

Yea there are two spots open. Anytime we have inactive members that stop playing I remove them off the roster and come here to recruit again. If people join our tribe on pvp na server 3552 you never have to worry bout being in an inactive group. We currently have 7 level 60s all active with mics.

Message me on PSN

Ok I will soon as I get home or look for Peapup

One open spot currently

Just had a spot open up we need one more

We are very built up we have 9 active players all level 60 so if your a veteran looking for a new server we can help you power level or if new to the game we can teach you everything. Currently one spot open must have a mic and be active

Still looking for one more active player

Currently 9 level 60s in our tribe we’re very built up looking for an active player with mic